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Agenda of 28 March 2006 TAG teleconference

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  1. Administrative

    Roll call -- Regrets: Henry, Tim

    Chair: Vincent, Scribe: Dave

    Propose next teleconference: 4 April, regrets (Noah), appoint scribe: propose Ed

    Accept this agenda?

    Approve minutes of last teleconference

  2. Issue endPointsRefs-47

    Revisiting the issue with Mark Baker (invited for this part of the teleconference)

    See minutes of December 2005 f2f

    Pending action: DO to draft something indicating the issues with EPR and potential solutions (accepted on 4 Oct 2005)

  3. Issue putMediaType-38

    Review of the finding on Authoritative Metadata updated by Roy (7 March)

    Reviewers: TV, Ed. -- see thread in www-tag archive

  4. State Finding

    First round of discussion of the new draft finding State in Web application design

    See message from Dave, thread of discussion, comments from Ed.

  5. Any other issue?

Vincent Quint for TAG
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