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Agenda of 21 March 2006 TAG teleconference

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  1. Administrative

    Roll call -- Regrets: ?

    Chair: Vincent, Scribe: Henry

    Propose next teleconference: 28 March, appoint scribe: propose David

    Accept this agenda?

    Approve minutes of f2f: Monday 1st part, 2nd part, Friday (when approved, Vincent will link them from the agenda)

  2. Security Workshop

    Short report by DanC

  3. Publication

    Current status of namespaceState Working Draft [action 14 Feb 06]

  4. Issue metadataInURI-31

    Last discussion 13 Dec. 2005 -- thread about the 's' in https

    Summary from Noah

    Open action:

  5. Issue putMediaType-38

    Review of the finding on Authoritative Metadata updated by Roy (7 March)

  6. State Finding

    First round of discussion of the new draft finding State in Web application design

    See message from Dave, thread of discussion, comments from Ed.

  7. Any other issue?

Vincent Quint for TAG
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