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Agenda of 14 February 2005 TAG teleconference

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1. Administrative (15 min)

1.1 Teleconferences

  1. Roll call
    Regrets: Paul Cotton, Henry Thompson, Stuart Williams
    Scribe: Noah and Norm
    Accept this agenda?
  2. Date of Next telcon: propose Monday 21 February 2005
    Recruit Scribe.

    Future Regrets:

  3. Meeting Records
    IRC log of 7 February
    Accept minutes
  4. TAG Weekly Teleconference Schedule
    See email from DanC, results of questionnaire, summary

1.2 W3C Technical Plenary

  1. TAG Contribution to Technical Plenary Day

    Extensibility and Versioning Panel Session (see draft TP Agenda for details)
    Panelists: Dan, Noah, DaveO, Henry, Mark Baker (CDF), to be confirmed: Hoylen Sue (XML Schema), Chris Lilley (TAG/SVG), Tim Boland (QA-WG)

    Where XML is Going Panel Session, Noah is on the panel

    Review other proposed sessions (see draft TP agenda)

    Lightning talks

  2. TAG F2F Monday am 28th February 2005

    Need a meeting page (Vincent)
    Need an Agenda (Vincent)

  3. TAG Liaisons

    Negotiated slots - see tracking table - Confirm slots with "TAG??"

    No meeting with QA-WG

    CDF-WG : current proposal is Monday 3pm.

2. Technical (75 min)

Reminder: This is a joint telcon with XML Schema (logistics). Unless anyone feel there is any other urgent matter, the technical discussion should focus on the topic agreed with XML Schema:

Extensibility and Versioning (XMLVersioning-41)

Pre-Reading Resources:

  1. Most recent draft findings (DaveO's email, part1 and part2)
  2. Noah's Analysis
  3. Dan's review of the draft finding
  4. XML Schema Versioning Use Cases (initial version)

Vincent Quint for TAG
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