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Add Core Support for Working With Multiple Graphs

54,"Standardize Model for Graph Identification","Graph_Identification",16,3,0,0

52,"Modify Semantics to Support Graph Identification","Semantics_for_the_Next_St eps",16,2,0,0

13,"Have Explicit Support for Annotations","Annotations",0,6,10,3

39,"Add Graphs to Turtle","Turtle_Support_for_Graph_Identification",10,4,1,0

Make Well-Known Repairs To The Specification Text

46,"Switch to Improved Inference Rules","Inference_Rules",10,8,0,0

45,"Apply Fixes to Known Spec Errors","RDF.2FXML_and_RDF_Concepts_Errata",15,0,0,0

Create a Standard JSON RDF Syntax

44,"Standardize a JSON RDF Syntax","JSON",8,8,4,0

Make Turtle a W3C Standard

41,"Make Turtle a W3C Standard","Turtle",12,2,1,0

Indicate Which RDF Features Are No Longer Best Practice

27,"Weakly Deprecate some RDF/XML Features","Possible_RDF.2FXML_weak_deprecations",3,3,12,0

25,"Weakly Deprecate some Data Model Feature","Data_Model_Issues",2,5,12,1

16,"Weakly Deprecate some RDF Semantics Features","Archaisms",0,3,10,0

Extend RDF/XML

32,"Add Graphs to RDF/XML","Named_graphs_support_in_RDF.2FXML",5,10,3,2

2,"Improve rdf:List Support in RDF/XML","Collections_syntax_in_RDF.2FXML",0,2,10,4

Revise Semantics for Blank Nodes

31,"Revise Blank Node Semantics","Blank_Nodes",1,8,12,0

Create Standards for Deployment of Linked Data

28,"Specifiy Linked Data Style of RDF","Codify_the_follow-your-nose_approach_to_using_URIs_in_RDF",2,8,9,1

Define Some Useful Similarity/Equivalence Properties

27,"Define alternatives to owl:sameAs","Co-reference_vocabulary_as_alternative_to_owl:sameAs",4,8,8,3

Define a Namespace Packaging Mechanism

22,"Namespace Profiles","Namespace_and_Profiles_Management",0,6,10,0

Change RDF Semantics to Plain Data (SPARQL) Style

9,"Align RDF Semantics with SPARQL","Simplified_RDF_Semantics",1,5,8,4

Explain How to Determine What a URI Means

-8,"Explain How to Determine What a URI Means","Document_the_social_contract_around_the_intended_referent_of_a_URI",0,0,10,6

Allow Literals as Subjects

-28,"Allow Literals as Subjects","Literals_as_Subjects",0,1,6,12

Improve Integration with Syndication Systems (Atom)

  • , "Improve integration with syndication systems (Atom, RSS)"