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Any change a W3C Recommendation must be approved by a chartered W3C Working Group and the W3C Advisory Committee. Until that happens, this “errata” page lists problems people have reported with this document, along with proposed solutions. To report a problem, send email to [archive]. We ask that experts (especially the ones who produced the specification) subscribe to that list and help review the proposed changes.

See the list archive for any unprocessed bug reports and in-progress discussion.

# Errata title (with the mail's URI) Errata author Document(s) involved Type (editorial, technical) Details Status
1 Erroneous sub-property axioms for org:holds/heldBy Dave Reynolds, reported by Kārlis Čerāns The Organization Ontology Technical The property org:holds relates an Agent to an org:Post. The specification incorrectly states that this is a sub-property of org:memberOf. This was originally true because an org:Post was itself a sub class of org:Organization. However, the working group decided to remove the sub class relationship and the correspond sub property relationship should have been removed at the same time. A dual error exists where org:heldBy is incorrectly stated to be a sub property of org:hasMember. The sub property axioms have been removed from the ontology. To correct the specification text, remove the rows beginning "subPropertyOf:" from the axiom tables for holds and heldBy.
2 I found typos in the Organization Ontology Shuji Kamitsuna The Organization Ontology Editorial Five typos in various sections Accepted
3 Typo in ORG ontology illustration John Walker The Organization Ontology Editorial Informative diagram incorrectly shows org:hasMember as the inverse of org:member. In the ontology itself there a legacy org:hasMembership property declared as the inverse of org:member. Either remove the inverse link from the diagram or correct it and promote org:hasMembership to a formal part of the specification. Accepted
4 Error in section 2.4 example Dieter De Paepe The Organization Ontology Editorial Section 2.4 lists the following example:
    <> a org:ChangeEvent;
        rdfs:comment "Post-election re-organization and rebranding"@en ;
        org:originalOrganization  <> ;
        org:resultingOrganization <> .

     ?orgR prov:wasDerivedFrom ?orgO .
   } WHERE {
      ?orgR org:resultedFrom / org:originalOrganization ?orgO .

Results in:
    <> prov:wasDerivedFrom <> .

I believe this is supposed to be:
    <> prov:wasDerivedFrom <> .