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This is the errata page for the following documents:

Any change a W3C Recommendation must be approved by a chartered W3C Working Group and the W3C Advisory Committee. Until that happens, this “errata” page lists problems people have reported with the JSON-LD documents, along with proposed solutions. To report a problem, send email to public-rdf-comments@w3.org [archive]. We ask that JSON-LD experts (especially the ones who produced the specifications) to subscribe to that list and help review the proposed changes.

See the list archive for any unprocessed bug reports and in-progress discussion.

# Errata title (with the mail's URI) Errata author Document(s) involved Type (editorial, technical) Details Status
1 Misplaced quote in example 28 Anthony Kirkpatrick Syntax editorial The quote in line 6 should be moved to line 4 acknowledged
2 Lists shared between graphs are not correctly serialized Andy Seaborne API technical See referenced mail acknowledged
3 Typos Erik Wilde Syntax editorial See referenced mail fixed
3 Typo Lon Ingram Syntax editorial See referenced mail open