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This is a place for the RDF Working Group and the SPARQL Working Group to brainstorm about possible replacements for the terms like 'g-snap', 'RDF Document', etc.


Terms for "g-text"

Roughly: An immutable sequence of characters which conveys a collection of RDF triples.

RDF Document

This is what's used in sparql11-http-rdf-update

RDF Payload

This is also used in sparql11-http-rdf-update, for when the G-Text is being transmitted in an HTTP protocol operation

Terms for "g-box"

Roughly: A conceptual holder (such as a program data structure) for a mutable collection of RDF triples.

Terms for "g-snap"

Roughly: An immutable mathematical set of RDF triples. Two g-snaps containing the same triples are the same g-snap.

Terms for "graph store"

Roughly: the abstract state of a sparql endpoint which implements sparql update