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SWAD-Europe Workshop on Image Description
7 and 8 June 2004, Madrid, Spain.

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The primary goals of this workshop are to:

  1. bring together developers working on practical tools for RDF-based image (or multimedia) description
  2. discuss and report on different techniques for creation, storage, query and use of image and multimedia descriptions in RDF
  3. Survey the state of current work, and progress that has been made (or not, and why) since the first SWAD-E workshop on image annotation, held in Bristol 2 years ago


Please note that this workshop will be conducted entirely in english.

Provisional agenda

Monday, 7 June
9h00 Welcome
Arrival, introduction to the workshop agenda and goals
9h30 Introduction
Each participant should spend 3 or 4 minutes introducing themselves, giving a quick idea of their work, their ideas, and what they hope to bring to and take from the workshop.
10h30 Use cases
A brief exploration of what people would like to be able to do, but don't have tools for at the moment.
11h00 Coffee break
Coffee will be provided at the meeting room.
11h30 Review from Bristol
Review of the work discussed in the Bristol workshop, and advances made on those projects.
13h00 Lunch
Lunch is provided and will be in the main cafeteria.
14h30 Use Cases and projects
Discussion of projects which support the use cases identified.
16h00 Coffee break
Coffee provided in the meeting room
16h30 Vocabularies
Discussion of vocabularies used, available, and needed to support projects or use cases
18h00 Close
Enough for the day
There is no formal dinner provided. Participants (and friends) are welcome to join the organisers for dinner at a Restaurant in Madrid.
Tuesday 8 June
The agenda is not too detailed to allow us to adapt it. One of the goals particularly for the afternoon is to gather the results of the discussion, to produce a report that will be useful afterwards.
9h00 Agenda, introductions
Review the agenda for the day in light of Monday's discussion. Introductions for those unable to attend Monday (and for those who forget names and faces)
9h30 Projects
Further discussion of current projects and use cases
11h00 Coffee
At the meeting room
11h30 Lessons learned
Particularly gathering information about things we have found successful or difficult
13h00 Lunch
As for monday, lunch in the cafeteria will be provided
14h30 Use cases again
Looking back at the use cases, and seeing what we have covered, and what new use cases have emerged.
16h00 Coffee
We'll be ready for it.
16h30 Future paths
What work is being done that we should keep an eye on? What work would we like to see started?
18h00 Close
Thank you, and hasta la proxima vez.


The workshop is kindly hosted by a spanish W3C member organisation, the Ontological Engineering group at the Facultad de Informática, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The workshop will take place at the Montegancedo campus of the University, which houses the Facultad, in Room H1003, Building 1. Transport details are provided below.

The Campus is located approximately 10km due West of the city centre on the M-40 ring road, near the residential area of Boadilla del Monte. Its address is

Avenida de Monteprincipe
28660 Boadilla del Monte (Madrid)


Participants should register before the 1st of June, using W3C's online registration. In order to use this system, you need a W3C site password - if you are an employee of a W3C member organisation you are likly to have one already, or can apply for one. Members of the public can get a public access password online (Note that you need to give a reason - you should say "register for SWAD-E workshop in Madrid"). According to the privacy policy for the access password, your information will not be passed to anyone.

Numbers will be limited, and no places can be guaranteed for people who have not registered. In general registration will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Participants are expected to provide a brief note (100 - 500 words) about their relevant work and interest, and to attend both days of the workshop. Participation in the workshop is free of charge, but participants must pay their own expenses (transport, accommodation, etc).


A rough set of minutes and a report of the workshop will be made available to the public after the workshop.

Preparation - readings

This list of readings will be updated in late May and again at the beginning of June.

Work from the previous workshop

Notes from the Bristol meeting in 2002
This is an IRC log of the discussion at a workshop with similar goals to this one.
Describing and retrieving photos using RDF and HTTP
A W3C Note, including descriptions of an authoring tool which is implemented in Java.
Annotating Images with SVG
Work by Jim Ley, who will participate in the workshop.

Other work

Described images and a batch resource description tool
Work by Morten Frederikson, who will participate in the workshop
Classification of User Image Descriptions (PDF) and Semantic Annotation of Image Collections (PDF)
Work by Laura Hollink, who will attend the workshop
Semantic Questioner Machine
Some work by Progos. Peter Vosniek from Progos will participate at the workshop, and present new tools there.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Charles McCathieNevile. I will try to answer as fast as possible - email is generally the most effective channel.


Madrid has an international airport, and train and bus stations throughout the Iberian Peninsula and beyond.

Public transport (train/bus)

To get from to the Facultad de Informática from downtown by public transport, take the subway to the Metro station Aluche, then take bus 591 (its first stop is Aluche station, its last is the Facultad de Informática). This wil cost a couple of euros. You can also take a taxi from Aluche - it is "relatively close and not too expensive". There is a 1Mb PDF map of the Metro available, or the official Metro site (available in english or spanish via a menu on the site) has a moderately complex map in flash (may default to spanish) that can calculate journey times, etc.


If you want to take a taxi, you might like to print written directions in Spanish (with map) for the taxi driver. From the centre of the city you can expect to pay about 20€.


Driving from downtown Madrid (details and large map available:  )

The whole trip is around 15 min once you are on the N-V/A5 (except on Friday afternoon...).


UPM suggested the following 3 hotels.

  1. Hotel Don Ramón de la Cruz

    (Downtown, close to the metro)

    Individual room 50€, breakfast not included

    Calle Don Ramón de la Cruz, 94
    28006 Madrid
    tel: +34 91 401 7200
    fax: +34 91 402 2126
  2. Hotel Tirol

    (Downtown, close to the metro)

    Individual room 92€, including breakfast

    Marqués de Urquijo, 4
    28008 Madrid
    tel: +34 91 548 1900
    fax: +34 91 541 3958
  3. NH Express, Ciudad de la Imagen

    (Closest to UPM)

    Individual room 81€

    More information on the NH Hotels group website

    Ctra. Boadilla del Monte Km. 2
    28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón
    tel: +34 91 711 0222
    fax: +34 91 711 2428

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