W3C Team, May 2001

Taken in Hong Kong, by Gerald Oskoboiny in May 2001, this photo features most of the W3C Team.

Photo of W3C Team, May 2001

Front Row, left to right: Dan Connolly, Janet Daly, Chris Lilley, Kazuhiro Kitagawa, Martin Duerst.

Second Row, left to right: Dave Raggett, Alan Kotok, Ralph Swick, Irène Vatton, Ivan Herman, Marie-Claire Forgue, Bert Bos, Dan Brickley.

Third row, left to right: Amy van der Hiel, Coralie Mercier, Philippe Le Hégaret, Massimo Marchiori, Gerald Oskoboiny, Wendy Chisholm.

Fourth row, left to right: Dean Jackson, Norio Touyama, José Kahan, Laurent Carcone, Yasuyuki Hirakawa.

Top row, left to right: Daniel Dardailler, Ted Guild, Rigo Wenning, Maria-Ritta Koivunen, Susan Lesch, Karl Dubost, Olivier Théreaux, Ian Jacobs, Dominique Hazaël-Massieux, Hugo Haas, Philipp Hoschka, Hidetaka Ohto, Vincent Quint, Tatsuya Hagino, Simon Hernandez, Michael Carmack, Christelle Fonteneau.

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Coralie Mercier, W3C
Photo copyright: Gerald Oskoboiny
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