Errata of the Canonical XML 1.0 Specification

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About the Canonical XML 1.0 Specification

The Canonical XML 1.0 Recommendation has been produced by the IETF/W3C XML Signature Working.

This document lists the known errata to the Canonical XML 1.0 specification. Each entry has the following information:

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Canonical XML 1.0

E01 2001-09-10 (Editorial):
The association of the term "document type declaration" with the acronym "DTD" is removed. "DTD" should be used to only identify a "document type definition."

[Definition: The XML document type declaration contains or points to markup declarations that provide a grammar for a class of documents. This grammar is known as a document type definition, or DTD. ... ]


E02 2003-11-20 (Editorial)
Section 2.3 Processing Model specifies the processing model for generating canonical output. The specification for the namespace node type reads, "... except assign the local name xmlns to the default namespace node if it exists ...". This "assignment" can incorrectly be interpretated as affecting the namespace/attribute ordering in Section 2.2 Document Order. Consequently, the text should be corrected to read "... except write xmlns for the local name xmlns of the default namespace node if it exists ...".