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User Agent Evaluations

Note: This page has been superseded by the UAAG 1.0 implementation report.

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Disclaimer. In order verify the utility and applicability of the Guidelines, the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group is testing the Guidelines by reviewing a variety of user agents (both graphical desktop and dependent user agnets) on a variety of platforms. This review will help us correct weak points of the guidelines and fill in gaps where required. The review is not meant as a definitive review of products although we anticipate sending our findings and observations to developers. Please note that the Guidelines document is W3C Working Draft, which means that the document may change at any time. Also, the user agents reviewed may be in development and are also liable to change before being released. These reviews are informative only and may not be used to rate or compare product accessibility.

The UAGL Working Group welcomes additional reviews. Each review should include the above disclaimer. Reviews should also clearly state the product version, operating system version, and any other information necessary to allow someone else to repeat the evaluation.

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