WCAG Weekly Teleconference

5 Jan 2006


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Ben_Caldwell, Bengt_Farre, Sofia_Celic, Michael_Cooper, Gregg_Vanderheiden, David_MacDonald, John_Slatin, Tim_Boland, Makoto_Ueki, Yvette_Hoitink, Christophe_Strobbe, Alex_Li, Katie_Haritos_Shea, Judy, Andi_Snow_Weaver, Becky_Gibson, Kerstin_Goldsmith, Loretta_Guarino_Reid
Roberto_Ellero, Gez_Lemon, Roberto_Scano, Sebastiano_Nutarelli, Takayuki_Watanabe
Gregg_Vanderheiden and John_Slatin


Programmatically determined, supported by AT, etc. (max. 30 minutes)

<ben> scribe: David

Draft techniques for 1.1

resolution: adopt 1.1 Proposed General Technique for How to meet 1.1.1 Providing a long description in text near the non-text content ...." with edits propsed by John Slatin
... 1.1.1 long description explanation sent back to the committee with comments. "Providing a long description in another location..."
... the editors will not include in the wikki headers or sections that will not change. The only exception will be if there are major rewrites to a section, in which case, the editors will copy the whole section back to the wikki.
... unanimously accept 1.1 "failure due to using text alternatives that are not alternatives...."

note: 1.1.1 tests change the words "remove and replace" to "remove, replace, hide, mask or turn off"

Draft techniques for 1.3

resolution: unanimous consent to Remove "functionality" from the guideline text

rationale: There are no SC that deal w/ functionality under 1.3 and functionaltity are addressed in other SC throughout the GL DOC

note: sending "Definition of "variations in presentation of text" back

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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