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First quarter 2005: WCAG 2.0 Development

The WCAG WG published five Working Drafts on 19 November 2004. Our current goal may be to publish internal Working Drafts in January and February with another set of public Working Drafts in March.



Timeline: November through March

November 2004

December 2004

January 2005

February 2005

March 2005

Plan for February 2005 Internal WDs

Picking up items that were postponed from the November 2004 public WDs. Note: this is a collection of possible items to address and does not represent a commitment to address these items before publication of the next set of internal Working Drafts.

WCAG 2.0

TTF Agenda WCAG WG Agenda
Week of 10 Jan Techniques Task Force summary

Guideline 1.1 issues

Week of 17 Jan

Checklists (result of Ben, Alistair, and Chris discussion)

Test files - finish discussion from questionnaires (finishing alt-text tests)

Applicability conditions

Techniques Task Force summary

Guideline 1.2 issues

Week of 24 Jan Test files (more alt-text)

More about applicability conditions and checklists?

Requirements for General Techniques (John's draft)

Requirements for Checklists , Techniques and Test Files

Action item reminder

Techniques Task Force summary
Week of 31 Jan Charter and Participation

Techniques Task Force summary

Continued discussion of Mapping of WCAG 1.0 checkpoints to WCAG 2.0success criteria.

Defn of structure (Issue 506)

Issue 848 - accept Loretta's proposal to reword?

Issue 887 - accept Ben's explanation and close this bug?

Issue 499 - covered in guideline 1.1?

Week of 7 Feb
  • Checklists following discussion from Alistair, Ben, Chris, David
  • Requirements for checklists & techniques
  • More Fasttrack tests: title
  • Action item reminder
  • TP agenda
  • Review tests reviewed by “volunteers”, Include the questionable alt ones (check with Chris)
    • 195 - Alt text for all IMG elements used as source anchors does not begin with "link to" or "go to" (English).
    • 192 - Alt text for all INPUT elements with TYPE attribute value of "image" does not use the words "submit" or "button" (English).
    • 60 - Alt text for all INPUT elements with a TYPE attribute value of "image" is less than 100 characters (English) or the user has confirmed that the Alt text is as short as possible.
Techniques Task Force summary

Intro to checklist format

General Techniques for 2.4

Baseline-related issues:

Week of 14 Feb

Review of test cases based on Becky, Michael, and Tim's feedback (19 test cases).

Techniques Task Force summary

Finish discussion of Mapping of WCAG 1.0 checkpoints to WCAG 2.0 success criteria (priority 3 checkpoints)

Defn of text, non-text content, Unicode @@proposal

Defn of text alternative @@proposal

Action item reminder (issue summaries are needed!)

Week of 21 Feb
  • Techniques Task Force summary
  • Cascading dictionaries
  • Requirements for Techniques, relationship between Techniques and Test suites, i.e., "the big picture"
  • More discussion of baseline?
Week of 28 Feb face-to-face meeting at All W3C Meeting in Boston, MA USA. Agenda. No meeting.
Week of 7 Mar
  • Joint meeting with UAWG to follow-up on marking and navigating to navigation bars?
Week of 14 Mar No meeting. People attending CSUN conference. Likely no meeting. People attending CSUN conference.
Week of 21 Mar Face to face meeting 20 and 21 March after CSUN in L.A., CA, USA

General techniques

CSS Techniques

HTML Techniques

Client-side Scripting Techniques




Test suite


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