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WAI Glossary Meeting
07 March 2003 Cambridge, MA USA

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Participation is open to individuals interested in participating in and contributing to the efforts of the WAI Glossary.

This meeting is held during the latter part of W3C's Technical Plenary and WG Meeting Event, in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. If you are interested in other parts of the Technical Plenary Week, which includes a day of general presentations and discussion on Wednesday, please note carefully the instructions regarding participation and registration for different parts of the week, and email Wendy Chisholm with any questions.


Pre-registration is required of everyone attending the WAI Glossary meeting on 7 March 2003, and for any other portion of the Tech Plenary Week. Registration ends on 26 February 2003.

When registering, please follow these instructions:

  1. Please write "Glossary" in the write-in "Other" option in the "Please let us know to which group(s) you belong" table of the 4th page of the registration.
  2. If you will only attend the Glossary meeting , please check "observer only" in the Thursday/Friday attendance area.

If you have already registered for the Tech Plenary, you can revise your registration:

  1. Go to the registration system and enter your email address.
  2. You will receive a new verification code (as you did when initially registering for the meeting) and can proceed through the system to change your registration information according to the above instructions (the prior information will have stayed in the registration form that you see, and new information can be re-entered).


A continental breakfast will not be provided from 8:30-9:00 each morning.

Friday, 07 March 2003

Required reading


For information about hotels, transportation, meals, and connectivity refer to the "Local Logistics" section of the Technical Plenary and WG Meeting Event page.


People who have expressed interest in attending

People to invite to round out representation from other working groups

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