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EOWG F2F May 2015

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  • Dates: 11-14 May (in conjunction with AccessU)
  • Location: Austin, TX, USA; St. Edward’s University
  • Host: Knowbility

Participation: We welcome a limited number of visitors to this EOWG face-to-face. If you would be interested in participating in the meeting and you are not a current EOWG participant, please e-mail EOWG Chairs Sharron and Shawn.

Monday 11 May and Tuesday 12 May

Informal usability testing

UT May 2015 detailed planning page


We will have a film crew available through Knowbility and the University. We plan to tape "B-roll" clips, specifically to get diversity in the characters in the videos (since probably most of the other filming will be in Europe).

Wednesday 13 May

Face-to-face meeting.


  1. Planning guide
    • Debrief from usability testing
    • Re-focus vision/goals/objectives as needed
    • Discuss revisions
  2. Quickref Redesign
    • Debrief from usability testing
    • Discuss revisions
  3. (if did usability testing) WCAG-EM Report Tool
    • Debrief from usability testing
    • Discuss potential revisions
  4. Showcase examples and videos
    • Work through draft topics
    • Video storyboards - refine drafts


  • Brent out from 10:00-11:00

Thursday 14 May

Small group worksessions - topics to be determined based on how things go Wednesday.

EOWG Planning Notes

Prep Needed


  • QuickRef redesign
  • Planning Guide
  • [done] WCAG-EM Report Tool
  • More details at UT May 2015 planning page


  • Specifics on the b-roll that we will want.
  • Users recruited.
  • Draft of storyboards so we can refine them.


EOWG participant availability overall, Thursday availability