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Video demonstrations of the value and good practice in inclusive design

Development of a series of short videos that demonstrate the impact, benefits, and good practice in accessible and inclusive design.

Brainstorm Ideas

  • captions for videos used by someone with low language
  • larger click area for typing on a train / wearing gloves
  • responsive design to zoom content on a mobile
  • contrast for using content in glaring sun
  • timeout while parent takes care of child
  • alternative text for low bandwidth
  • (keyboard) empty mouse batteries / call center (power) user
  • using voice output while cooking / making coffee / ...
  • voice commands for gaming / car navigation system
  • confirmation before closing window
  • apps for removing distracting or aside content
  • zoom functionality now being implemented in most browsers
  • someone needs to find information quickly (clear design)
  • frustration from lack of error prevention on a form
  • keyboard use: snowboarder with broken arm? {29 Oct, Kevin}
  • captions for videos: parent with sleeping child watching something in silence with captions {30 Jan, Kevin}
  • (keyboard) using keyboard instead of horrible, iddy biddy, overly sensitive, track pad {23 Mar, Kevin}
  • Promotional idea: 9s cuts of the videos on Vine {9 Apr, Eric}