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Changelog: Preliminary Review of Web Sites for Accessibility

This page records change requests and changes made to the draft document Preliminary Review of Web Sites for Accessibility, which is part of the Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility Resource Suite. Please send additions or corrections to wai-eo-editors@w3.org.

Last updated on $Date: 2005/09/16 07:53:04 $ by $Author: shadi $

Open Review Notes

Notes as of 9 September, 2005

From discussions on the version of 7 September, 2005.

[done] copyedit suggestions from Shawn Henry
[done] copyedit suggestion from Andrew Arch
changed the word "tab" to "navigate" so that it reflects the action rather than the keyboard key
[done] copyedit suggestions from Pasquale Popolizio

Previous Changes to the Document

Notes as of 24 June, 2005

From discussions on the version of 21 June, 2005.

[done] increase caution level that review should not be used for conformance evaluation
caution is now bolded
[done] "it does not include every aspect of a Web site" add: "and not every checkpoint"
"checkpoint" may be too jargony at this stage, added "accessibility aspect of a Web site"
[done] refer to toolbar evalution tools in section 2 (for some of the checks)
added note at the end of section 2 with links to some example toolbar tools

Notes as of 1 April, 2005

From discussions on the version of 30 March, 2005.

[done] remove the number "1" from the introduction section
[done] step 5, bullet 1: replace "best practices" with "positive aspects"
[done] step 5, bullet 3: link text "conformance evaluation" to the actual document
[done] consider adding Safari to the list of browsers

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