D Changes from Previous Release (Non-Normative)

D.1 Changes since the 08-June-2001 release

New 'status of this document'. The next Working Draft after this one is expected to be "Last Call".

D.2 Changes to Chapter 1 'About XForms'

No significant changes.

D.3 Changes to Chapter 2 'Concepts'

A new, more detailed, XHTML example form is used and refered to throughout this chapter. The new XForms Model syntax has been used in the examples. Several namespace issues were clarified and corrected.

D.4 Changes to Chapter 3 'Terminology'

Term: "instance data item" changed to "instance data node".

D.5 Changes to Chapter 4 'Datatypes'

Datatypes removed: currency, monetary.

Datatypes added: none.

Added separation between Basic and Full conformance profiles.

The issue on the mask facet has been resolved: all conformance profiles use the Schema pattern facet.

D.6 Changes to Chapter 5 'XForms Model'

Model item properties removed: name, priority.

Model item properties added: maxOccurs, minOccurs.

Model item properties renamed: "validate" is now "isValid".

Material on binding has been incorporated into the flow of this chapter, including the new design for the bind element. A new attribute 'bind' is defined, placable on form controls. Binding constraints are now specified.

The examples of using datatypes have been updated in accord with the results of the joint XML Schema-XForms task force.

D.7 Changes to Chapter 6 'XPath Expressions in XForms'

Methods removed: submit() and reset(). These are now handled through XForms Actions. Expanded section on extensibility. Methods added: boolean-from-string().

D.8 Changes to Chapter 7 'Form Controls'

Form control names have been finalized. New form control: textarea. Removed form control: reset. Details for each form control have been simplified and clarified. The format attribute on output is now defined. A new element itemref allows dynamic population of list controls. selectBoolean now takes true and false child elements to define display values. Single node and nodelist binding attributes have been separated from the common attributes. New common child element: alert for validation failure message. Changed common element onevent to action. Removed 'style' as a common attribute.

D.9 New Chapter 8 'XForms Actions'

This new chapter consolidates all the predefined XForms action elements.

D.10 Changes to Chapter 9 'XForms User Interface'

Subsections on layout have been removed since they were XHTML specific. Section on subpages has been removed since this is already possible without additional XForms markup. The remaining composite UI features, group, repeat, component, and switch, have been extensively updated and clarified. A new section describes attaching list controls to multiple nodes in the instance data.

D.11 Removed Chapter 'Binding'

This chapter has been incorporated into the XForms Model chapter.

D.12 Changes to Chapter 10 'Document Structure'

New serialization attributes for <xform:submitInfo>, per XSLT <output> handling. Changed submit location attribute from xlink:href to action. Changed the content model of <xform:xform> to an unordered <xsd:all> construction. New <xform:privacy> element to associate a P3P privacy policy with a form. <xform:bind> elements have been moved into the content model of <xform:bindings>. Added <xform:action> and <xform:extension> to the content model of <xform:xform>.

D.13 Changes to Chapter 11 'Processing Model and Conformance'

A few of the "events" described were actually "actions"; they have been moved. More robust description of XML serialization processing, based on XSLT 1.0. The navigation sequence algorithm now takes into account navIndex values set on container elements, such as <group> or <repeat>. The calculation sequence algorithm now automatically calculates the proper order for calculations.

D.14 Changes to Appendix 'Schema for XForms'

The schema has been made consistent with the definitions of XML syntax throughout the rest of the specification.

D.15 New Appendix 'Input Modes'

This new appendix contains a proposal for input modes in XForms and invites feedback and comments.

D.16 Changes to Appendix 'References'

Removed orphaned references to Unicode, ANSI X3.274-1996, WML, ISO 4217, and ECMA-262. (Note: some of these are still referenced indirectly) Reference to XSLT 1.0 is now normative. References to CSS2 and DOM2 Events are now informative. Added informative reference to P3P, ISO, and DDJ.