G. Working Group Membership (Non-Normative)

Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) Version 2.0
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The W3C Math Working Group is presently co-chaired by Patrick Ion of the AMS, and Angel Diaz of IBM. Contact the co-chairs if you are interested in joining the group. For the present membership see its working group home page.

Members of the Working Group responsible for MathML 2.0 are:

Earlier active members of this second W3C Math Working Group have included:

At the time of release of MathML 1.0 the Math Working Group was co-chaired by Patrick Ion and Robert Miner, then of the Geometry Center. Since that time several changes in membership have taken place. In the course of the update to MathML 1.01, in addition to people listed in the original membership below, corrections were offered by David Carlisle, Don Gignac, Kostya Serebriany, Ben Hinkle, Sebastian Rahtz, Sam Dooley and others.

Members of the Math Working Group responsible for the finished MathML 1.0 were:

Others who had been members of the W3C Math WG for periods at earlier stages were: