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CSS 20 – Colophon

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These pages were made in November and December 2016, for the 20th anniversary of CSS. The style sheet uses the fonts Optima (1952–1955, Hermann Zapf) for the body text, Impact (1965, Geoffrey Lee) for the H1 titles, Garamond (16th century, Claude Garamond) for the gray overlay title and Pecita (2011–2016, Philippe Cochy) for the marginal notes. The alternative style uses a serif font instead of Optima (Minion Pro, Chapparal Pro, Baskerville or the system's default serif font).

The balloons on the left (only visible if the window is wide enough) were made by Aurore Dechamps in December 2016. They are done entirely in HTML & CSS.

17 December 2016, Bert Bos, Style Activity Lead | Colophon