Quick Tips to commit QA resources to your Working Group

QA resources?

The QA Handbook encourages Working Groups to define and create test materials. This commitment implies resources and sometimes modifications of the Working Group charter.

You will find here some quick tips to help you to do that. If you have more ideas or solutions, please feel free to send your suggestions to www-qa-wg@w3.org (Public Mailing List) with references to this document.

Quick Tips


The process document recommends that the participation to a Working Group is limited to one company, one voice. So the charters often set the participation to one representative and one alternate for each company. This reasonnable rule has been set to ensure a fair representativity among W3C Members, though it doesn't forbid more than one participant of the same company when the resources are needed. The charter has to define the role of each additional participants to the Working Groups.

You could include in your charter for example the following text:

The Working Group chair may name individuals affiliated with W3C Member organizations to serve as additional resources; individuals invited in this way can participate in defined and specific task of the work of the Working Group. The rules are:

See also the charter template.

Job available!

In the call for participation for a new Working Group, include the expected resources you need and the available position inside the Working Group or related Task Force. For example, you could write and invite companies to :

Make it as a job announce. For example :

Positions available for this Working Group

QA Moderator: the person will be in charge of maintaining the level of expected QA in the Working Group, to manage resources, and push the work going on.

3 Editors: the person will be in charge of writing the technology. We planned to have 3 documents: A primer and fooML Part 1, fooML Part 2.

2 Test builders: who will be in charge to maintain the test suite during the life of the Working Group and synchronize it with release of the specification.

Incorporate the test materials development in your day to day activities

To encourage test materials development and a reality check of the technology, ask Working Group participants, to submit a test with each proposed features. You could have this mini-rules for your Working Group.

  1. For each created feature, you must submit a test assertion and one or more test cases related to the feature.

  2. The editor will not insert the feature in the working draft if the test assertion is not defined and if the test are not available in the Test repository of the Working Group.

  3. Each modification of a feature by a participant implies a control check and/or modification of the associated test assertion and tests. The document is modified when these conditions have been met.

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