Guidelines for the contribution of articles
for the QA Interest Group

This document gives guidelines governing the contributions of new material to the QA Interest Group at W3C by its participants.

After going through contribution and review, articles will be posted publicly on the W3C/QA Web Site as non-normative education or information material.

Any article covering any topic covered by the scope of the QAIG can be contributed and will be considered for publication.

Create a new document using the QA templates

When you create a new document which you wish to contribute to the QAIG, you MUST create new file with the comma tool ",new".

  1. Go to the list of QA Templates.
  2. Choose the radio Button QA/Templates/Contrib.html
  3. Hit the Continue... button
  4. Fill each field in the form
  5. Hi the Generate a document... button
  6. Save this file in your local directory and start editing it.

Editing your draft article

This section assumes you have got a "local" copy of the file you want to edit created it with ,new.

There are a few rules you need to follow in order to preserve the quality and consistency of W3C QA website:

Submit your article

Once written, documents should go through:

  1. Peer review from the QA Interest Group participants
  2. Approval by the W3C QA staff and/or QA IG chairs

This is done by sending a message to the QAIG's public mailing-list (with a copy to the public mailing-list if the article is related to web standards education or outreach).

After a two week minimum review period, the article may be approved for publication by one of the members of the W3C QA staff or W3C QAIG chair. One person in this group then becomes the editor of the document, while the person (or group of persons) submitting the article remain its author(s).

The document is then published in the QA space of the W3C website as the production of the QA Interest Group, with a specific mention of its original authors.

Refused articles

Note that articles may not be approved for publication on the W3C QA website as part of the documents produced by the QA Interest group if the panel of moderators stated above see fit, regardless of the peer review on the mailing-lists.

criteria for why a contribution would be refused include but are not limited to:

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