'Web Education Forum' creation proposal

About this forum

Following preliminary discussion with members of the web community (esp. web evangelists), (e.g the WoW BoF at the www2002 conference) and within QA Team members, this is the proposal for a new discussion forum at W3C, managed by the QA activity.

Web Education forum
Publicly archived mailing-list : public-web-education@w3.org or public-education@w3.org
(valid with regards to W3C mailing-lists naming policy).
Discussion forum aiming at:
  • Discussing and planning web standards Education and Outreach (between W3C and evangelists)
  • Improving the quality of web-standards related books, publications, lectures and training courses (May imply peer review of such resources)
The audience will be mainly composed of web evangelists, as individuals or as part of evangelism/education groups; book authors, teachers and web training course authors, as well as W3C team members. Interested parties within the "web community" may participate.
The forum will be public and publicly archived : Apart from mechanisms used to avoid SPAM, subscription, unsubscription and discussion will be opened to all.
The forum will be maintained and operated by the W3C Quality Assurance staff : Olivier Thereaux and Dominique Hazael-Massieux will manage the forum; Daniel Dardailler still being Activity Lead for Quality Assurance, and Chair of the Quality Assurance Interest Group.
This group is scheduled to follow its parent activity, and will last through August 2003 (or later if/when the QAIG is rechartered)


Rationale for this forum
Need for a better coordination and dialogue between W3C and the Web Education community.
Why should it be part of the QA Activity
education, as well as coordination with external organizations (such as evangelist org.) has been in the scope of the QAIG since its creation.
Why create a new discussion forum (instead of using www-qa@w3.org)?
www-qa@w3.org is the primary forum of discussion within the QAIG. We could use this channel for the E&O discussion and activity, but we think the audience of www-qa is more aimed at "quality" experts, whereas the E&O forum would be aimed at Web Evangelists / Web Book authors / etc. We feel there would be no direct benefit from having both audiences share a single discussion forum.

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