QA News for the year 2001

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2001 News

2001-11-25: The first QA F2F meeting has been help in Brussels. You can read the minutes of the meeting at 2001-11-12 and 2001-11-13

2001-10-31: The New-York Public Library has issued a style guide to create W3C standards compliant site.

2001-10-24: The CSS Working Group has released the CSS Mobile Profile test suite for CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 Candidate Recommendation.

2001-10-08: The XML Protocol Working Group has started a test suite for SOAP Version 1.2. It has been added to The Matrix. You can send contributions to the SOAP test suite.

2001-10-01: In Issue 121 of A List Apart, For People Who Make Websites: HOW TO READ (W3C SPECS), a tutorial from ALA stalwart J. David Eisenberg.

2001-09-19: We invite you to participate to the first QA F2F meeting in Brussels. Everyone interested in the QA field related to W3C technologies is welcome.

2001-09-17: Added UAAG 1.0 to The Matrix.

2001-09-12: First WD of the RDF Test Cases.

2001-09-04: Updated The Matrix and HTML QA log.

2001-09-03: The first F2F QA Meeting will be held in Brussels on November 12-13.

2001-08-16: The QA Activity has been launched!

2001-08-14: New W3C RDF Validation Service

2001-08-12: The WASP explains clearly what they want and what they do not want about W3C Standards, Webdesigners and commercial authoring tools

2001-07-22: The Matrix updated for SMIL Animation and SVG
Comparison Chart between SVG and Flash.· According to ZDNet, WASP has launched a new battle about authoring tools: "New front opens in Web standards war".

2001-06-28 : The Matrix updated for XMLBase and XLink

2001-06-25 : Implementation Tests for User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0

2001-05-18 : New entries in The Matrix: XML Infoset and XSL Test Suite.

2001-05-11 : Minutes and slides of the QA Workshop are now available.

2001-05-11 : The QA activity proposal has been sent to members (members only) to create the QA Activity.

2001-03-12 : OASIS Releases Second Edition of the XML Conformance Test Suite.

2001-02-02 : Announcing a W3C Workshop on QA at NIST (Washington D.C. area, USA) on April 3-4 2001.

2001-01-23 : Opening of the public mailing list about QA: This public mailing list is intended to be the central point for discussion about Quality Assurance and Conformance inside W3C (Information for subscription).

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