W3C Glossary and Dictionary requirements

Here are early ideas, both technical and operational, for a project of combined "glossary" and "dictionary" for W3C. Input goes to olivier.

This page is kept as historical background. Refer to the Glossary project page for up-to-date information.

Existing work

Here is a short list of "similar" work known to me, that I have categorized in 2 categories: "data" and "technologies".


Data Model

Since the previous draft, requirements for the data model have been clarified, mostly thanks to the pointers to the TMF (submitted by Laurent Romary). The plan would now be to go with DXLT, or something similar.

Technology / Back-end

Still working on it.


The Glossary will be available in several "views".
Each of the view listed below should be available in full, "alphabetically splitted", and "one term" modes.


As far as my analysis went, I can see four kinds of submissions:

  1. A whole glossary, from a spec, or from an existing activity glossary,
  2. A whole dictionnary, related to a spec or to W3C at large,
  3. an additional term,
  4. An additional translation for an existing term.

Contribution process

The "contribution" (input might be a better word) process will be largely dependent on which type of input is done.

Project Roadmap

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