W3C Printing and the World Wide Web

Printer Working Group BOF

A BOF is being arranged on December 12th 1996 at the San Jose IETF meeting. PWG is working on a proposal that involves using HTTP and a lightweight version of ISO10175 Document Print Application. Here is the Draft charter for the proposed activity.

W3C Workshop held April 25th '96

The Web evolved primarily as an online experience. Efforts are now underway to improve the user experience for hardcopy printed from the Web. As a first step, the W3C organized a workshop on High Quality Printing from the Web, which was held on April 25th '96, at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Dave Raggett's overview talk for the workshop.

Many of the participants submitted position papers for the workshop. The minutes of the workshop are now available.

W3C Printing discussion list

We are setting up a mailing list www-printing@w3.org for discussions related to improving the quality of printing from the web. To subscribe send a message to www-printing-request@w3.org with "Subscribe" in the subject line. To unsubscribe send a message to the www-printing-request@w3.org with "unsubscribe" followed by the email address you are subscribed under in the subject line. You can view the archive by following the link from the heading above.

Related Areas

Printing overlaps with other W3C areas:

Dave Raggett
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