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The Broad Picture

The Web as an Online medium:

The Web has seen exponential growth since 1992 and is set to become as commonplace as the phone, fax machine and photocopier

Document creation - the changed emphasis for the Web versus paper:

The potential of the Web to increase the amount of printing, and the increased focus on color printing:

Newspapers, Journals, magazines, catalogs, brochures, product info, business reports, memos, school home work assignments, family photographs, personal letters, ...

Distributed printing advantages over traditional centralized printing and hardcopy distribution:

The Rapid Evolution of the Web and the Role of the W3C

W3C as a facilitator for collaborative development of open specifications.

Our work on HTML, Style sheets, PICS, HTTP etc.

e.g WWW'5 in Paris.
Like this one.
Mailing lists
W3C supports several mailing lists on various topics
Working Groups, e.g. HTML-ERB
  • Regular phone conferences
  • Mailing list
  • Physical meetings

How should we move forward with Printing?

This workshop will help us to answer this question.

Missing Pieces for High Quality Printing

The following are possible topics for the discussion groups:

Increased reliability

This is of great concern, but outside the scope of this workshop.

Changes to HTTP to specify the target medium

. This will enable you to down load higher resolution images for printing versus online use. It will also provide a means to obtain style sheets tailored for the paper size etc.

Whats needed and how can we make this happen!

Changes needed to Style Sheets to support Printing

Font handlig

What can be done collaboratively to improve this?

Other topics

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