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PR NewsWire
27 November
RWE Holds Live Demo of Lemonbeat for International Experts, Harald FletcherW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, CSS, HTML, Semantic Web, URI, URL, XML
Promotion World
26 November
Considering the Significant Benefits of Using CSS, Tracey JonesW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, CSS, CSS3, DOM, HTML, Style, URI, XHTML
Biometric Update
24 November
FIDO Alliance submits FIDO 2.0 web API to World Wide Web Consortium, Justin LeeW3C, FIDO
Business 2 Community
21 November
Scalable Vector Graphics: Enhanced Documents for the Digital Age, Simon WiecznerSVG, HTML5
SD Times
20 November
FIDO Alliance and W3C’s partnership, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, and Foundation 6—SD Times news digest: Nov. 20, 2105, Madison Moore and Christina MulliganW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, HTML, URI, URL
Planet Biometrics
20 November
FIDO Authentication submits FIDO 2.0 web API to W3C, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, ARIA, URL
Find Biometrics
20 November
Nok Nok Labs Comments on FIDO’s Big W3C News, W3C, CSS, HTML, URI, URL
Market Wired
19 November
FIDO Authentication Poised for Continued Growth as Alliance Submits FIDO 2.0 Web API to W3C, Suzanne MatickW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, CSS, URL
The Journal
18 November
The Perfect Storm: 4 Conditions Align for a Revolution in Curriculum Development, Cathie Norris, Elliot SolowayW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, ARIA, HTML
13 November
W3C、Webデベロッパー向けの情報ポータル「W3C Developers avenue」を開設, Junichi NiinoW3C, ARIA, HTML, HTML5, URI, W3Cx
12 November
CSS in the Modern World, Michael PalermoW3C, Beacon, CSS, CSS3, DOM, HTML, HTML5, Style, SVG, URI, URL
Money Week
12 November
12 November 1990: Tim Berners-Lee sets out to build the World Wide Web, Chris CarterTim Berners-Lee, Beacon, HTML, URI
JejjE's network
5 November
Top 5 Most Influential Programmers, JEJJE World Wide Web Consortium, Tim Berners-Lee, CSS, HTML, HTTP, srcset, URL
5 November
W3C Launches One-Stop Accessibility Resource For Developers, David BoltonW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Accessibility, CSS, CSS Validator, HTML, HTML5, Jeffrey Jaffe, Validator, WCAG, WCAG 2.0, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
Brave New Coin
4 November
Bitcoin standards addressed by four major organizations, Luke ParkerW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Tim Berners-Lee, ARIA, Jeffrey Jaffe, Preload
News Breaks
3 November
New W3C Website Offers Resources for Developers, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, MathML, W3DevCampus
3 November
Technology to bring Indian languages together, Surbhi MoudgilW3C, CSS, srcset
Information Today, Inc.
3 November
New W3C Website Offers Resources for Developers, W3C, W3C Developers Avenue, W3C Validator, W3C Community Groups, W3DevCampus
Brave New Coin
2 November
W3C includes bitcoin in new standards and tools for web checkout processes, Luke ParkerW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Tim Berners-Lee, ARIA, Jeff Jaffe, Jeffrey Jaffe, Preload
News BTC
1 November
W3C to Standardise ECommerce Platforms across the World, GauthamW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, HTML, ITS, srcset


Rethink Internet of Things
30 October
Evrythng unveils Web of Things standard for IoT, Alex DaviesW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, HTML, HTML5, HTTP
29 October
WWW from the first minute and the first hand, W3C, Tim Berners-Lee, DOM, Fullscreen, HTML, HTTP, URL
Ripple blog
29 October
The W3C’s Mission to Standardize Web Payments, Alec LiuW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Tim Berners-Lee, HTTP, Web Payments Interest Group
SD Times
28 October
Taking a closer look at HTML5 after its first year of standardization, Christina MulliganCSS, HTML, HTML5, URI, URL
I Programmer
28 October
W3C Developer Portal, Sue GeeW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, CSS, HTML, HTML5, Jeff Jaffe, W3Cx, W3DevCampus, WebRTC, XHTML
28 October
HTML5 On The Rise: No Longer Ahead Of Its Time, Shikhir SinghW3C, HTML5
27 October
PC Magazine
27 October
5 Collaboration Trends to Expect in 2016, Rob MarvinW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, HTML, URL, WebRTC
Mozilla Hacks
26 October
Keep pushing it, with the W3C Push API, Chris MillsW3C, CSS, HTML, HTTP, Push API, Service Workers, srcset, URL, WebRTC, Web Notifications, XML, XMLHttpRequest
The Coin Telegraph
23 October
World Wide Web Consortium Launches Work Group to Boost Bitcoin Adoption, Erin LaceWeb Payments Working Group, Jeff Jaffe, Web Payments Interest Group
Gemalto Review
22 October
Custodian of the World Wide Web, Charles ArthurW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, HTML, HTML5, Jeff Jaffe, standards
SD Times
22 October
W3C to standardize APIs for Web payments, Christina MulliganWeb Payments Working Group, Jeff Jaffe, W3C, Ian Jacobs
22 October
Paiements en ligne : le W3C veut vous simplifier la vie (Web payments: W3C wants to make your life easier), Jean-Pierre LargilletW3C, Web Payments, Jeff Jaffe
22 October
W3C Takes on Online Payment Standards, W3C, Web Payments, Jeff Jaffe
L'Usine Digitale
22 October
Le W3C veut standardiser les paiements en ligne... et il pourrait y arriver (W3C wants to standardize Web payments ... and it could succeed), Julien BergounhouxW3C, Web Payments, Ian Jacobs
Heise online
22 October
W3C gründet Arbeitsgruppe für einheitliches Bezahlen im Internet (W3C establishes Working Group to unify Web payments), Rainald Menge-SonnentagW3C, Web Payments Working Group
Côte d'Azur ecobiz
22 October
Le W3C optimise le processus de « check-out » pour les paiements en ligne (W3C optimizes the "check-out" process of Web payments), W3C, Web Payments, Jeff Jaffe
Information Today, Inc.
22 October
W3C Works On Web Payment Systems, W3C, Web Payments
21 October
Le W3C travaille à des APIs standards pour le paiement en ligne (The W3C is working on standardizing APIs for Web payments), Cyrille ChaussonW3C, Web Payments Working Group, Web Payments Interest Group, Ian Jacobs
21 October
Le W3C se lance dans le paiement en ligne… ou presque (W3C embarks in online payment ... almost), François TonicW3C, Web Payments, Jeff Jaffe
21 October
W3C Web Payments Working Group to create APIs for online checkout, W3C, Web Payments Working Group, Jeff Jaffe, Web Payments Interest Group
NACS Online Magazine
21 October
Preparing Payments for the World Wide Web, W3C, Web Payments Working Group
21 October
Le W3C veut stocker vos cartes de paiement dans le navigateur (Le W3C veut stocker vos cartes de paiement dans le navigateur), Guillaume ChampeauW3C, Web Payments, HTML5, Jeff Jaffe, Bernard Gidon
21 October
Vers un standard mondial pour les paiements sur internet (Towards a global standard for internet payments), Vincent MignotW3C, Bernard Gidon, Web Payments, Tim Berners-Lee, HTML5
21 October
E-commerce : le W3C veut unifier le paiement en ligne (E-commerce: W3C wants to unify Web payments), Olivier ChicheporticheW3C, Jeff Jaffe, Web Payments
21 October
E-commerce : le W3C veut réduire le taux d'abandon des paniers (E-commerce: W3C wants to reduce the rate of cart abandonment), Antoine Crochet-DamaisW3C, Web Payments, Jeff Jaffe
The Telegraph
21 October
Online giants work on gold standard for internet shopping, Marion DakersW3C, Tim Berners-Lee, HTML, Web Payments Working Group, Jeff Jaffe
21 October
B. Gidon, W3C : "nous souhaitons simplifier le paiement Web au maximum" (B. Gidon, W3C: "We aim to simplify Web Payments"), Guillaume BelfioreW3C, Bernard Gidon, Web Payments, WebCrypto
El Diario
15 October
El W3C pone en solfa a las publicaciones digitales (The W3C calls into question to digital publications), Silvia FontW3C, Martín Álvarez, Ivan Herman, HTML, HTML5, SVG, CSS, DPub, HTTP, URI
SD Times
13 October
FIDO Alliance opens worldwide cooperation and liaison program, W3C, Jeff Jaffe
9 October
How Semantics Create a Better Internet , Zygimantas JacikeviciusURL, Semantic Web, RDF, SPARQL, W3C, RDF, Linked Data
8 October
Ripple Releases Interledger to Connect Banks and Blockchains, Pete RizzoW3C, Web Payments Interest Group, Tim Berners-Lee
MediaPost Daily Online Examiner
7 October
Lawmakers Call For Stronger Do-Not-Track Standards, Wendy DavisW3C, Do Not Track
SD Times
5 October
Transforming the Web with HTML5, Christina MulliganHTML5, W3C, Philippe Le Hegaret, CSS
1 October
Adobe Flash: The End is Near as BBC Joins the Party, HTML5
1 October
Le W3C lance de nouveaux MOOC sur HTML5 (W3C Launches New HTML5 MOOCs), W3C, HTML5, W3Cx


30 September
HTML5Apps paves way to future W3C payment standards & advances mobile Web standardisation roadmap, W3C, Tim Berners-Lee, HTML, HTML5, Web Payments Interest Group, XML, XSL, XSLT
EIN News
30 September
Success Of First W3cx Mooc Html5 Course Drives Demand For New Courses, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, HTML, HTML5, Jeff Jaffe, W3Cx
Vida Mais Livre
29 September
W3C Brasil abre inscrições para o Prêmio de Acessibilidade na Web, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, CSS, HTML, PNG, WCAG, WCAG 2.0, XHTML

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