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24 July
Le W3C veut standardiser le Web Social (W3C wants to standardise the Social Web), W3C, Social Web Working Group
Alt 1040
23 July
Las redes sociales tendrán un estándar abierto en la web (Social networks will have an open Web standard), Eduardo MarinW3C
Le Monde Informatique
22 July
Le W3C veut ouvrir l'entreprise au web social (The W3C wants to open the enterprise to the social web), Dominique FilipponeW3C, Social Web Working Group
22 July
RSE : le W3C et l’OpenSocial Foundation militent pour des standards ouverts (CSR: the W3C and the OpenSocial Foundation advocating for open standards), Clément Bohic W3C, Social Web Working Group
22 July
Le W3C veut standardiser les flux communautaires en entreprise (W3C wants to standardise enterprise community streams), Guillaume BelfioreW3C, Social Web Working Group
21 July
Social networking built into the Web? W3C gives it a go, Stephen ShanklandW3C, Social Web Working Group
Les Echos.fr
10 July
Gouvernance du Net : le Sénat veut que l’Europe fasse entendre sa voix (Net Governance: Senate wants Europe to make its voice heard), Anaïs MoutotW3C
Les Echos.fr
9 July
Tim Berners-Lee, l’homme qui a offert le Web à l’humanité (Tim Berners-Lee, the man who gave the Web to humanity), Solveig GodeluckTim Berners-Lee, HTML, URL, HTTP, W3C
SD Times
9 July
WebRTC specifications advance, Rob MarvinWebRTC, HTML5, W3C, Dominique Hazaël-Massieux
NACS Online Magazine
8 July
Making cents from standards, David EzellW3C, Web Payments, Semantic Web, Linked Data
7 July
JSON-LD se convert en un estándar web recomendado por la W3C (JSON-LD becomes a web standard recommended by the W3C), Txema RodríguezJSON-LD, W3C, Linked Data, Semantic Web, JSON for Linking Data Community Group
W3C France
1 July
Inria célèbre les 25 ans du Web avec Tim Berners-Lee (Inria celebrates 25 years of the Web with Tim Berners-Lee), Bernard GidonW3C, Tim Berners-Lee, #web25, HTML5, CSS3
Access iQ
1 July
The pros and cons of accessibility professional associations, Scott HollierW3C, WAI, accessibility


30 June
"Safari siempre va muy por detrás", entrevista a Lea Verou (W3C) (Safari always lags behind" interview Lea Verou (W3C)), Miguel LópezW3C, HTML5
30 June
Logius ale eerste Nederlandse overheidsorganisatie lid van W3C (Logius first Dutch government organization member of W3C), W3C, Bernard Gidon, Phil Archer
Directions Magazine
30 June
Report from OGC/W3C Linking Geospatial Data Workshop , Phil ArcherW3C, Linked Data, HTTP, OWL, Semantic Web, RDF, SPARQL, Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group, SKOS, XML
30 June
With components, Google agitates for a revolution in Web development, Joab JacksonWeb Components, W3C, HTML, HTML5, CSS
The Register
26 June
I/O: Google's new design language will RULE OVER 'DROIDS, Gavin ClarkeW3C, Web Components
Mozilla Hacks
25 June
ServiceWorkers and Firefox, Nikhil Marathe, Andrew OverholtService Worker, Push API
Le Point
25 June
Tim Berners-Lee : "Edward Snowden a besoin d'être protégé" (Tim Berners-Lee : "Edward Snowden needs to be protected"), Guillaume GralletTim Berners-Lee, W3C, #web25
Mozilla Hacks
23 June
WebIDE Lands in Nightly, Dave CampHTML, CSS
23 June
Mozilla Launches Built-In HTML5 App Development Environment For Firefox, Frederic LardinoisHTML5
23 June
rebeccapurple: Wie der Tod eines Kindes die Webentwicklerszene berührt (rebeccapurple: How the death of a child touches the web developer scene), Kim RixeckerW3C, CSS, HTML, CSS Color Module Level 4, CSS Working Group
23 June
Microsoft Research dévoile une future bibliothèque cryptographique sous JavaScript (Microsoft Research Unveils future JavaScript cryptographic library), Arsene NewmanHTML5, W3C, WebCrypto API
Heise online
19 June
Last Call für HTML 5.0 (Last Call for HTML 5.0), Julia SchmidtHTML5, W3C, HTML Working Group
Online Media Daily
19 June
Ad Industry Urges Web Standards Group To Abandon Do-Not-Track Effort, Wendy DavisW3C, Do Not Track
19 June
W3C: HTML5 is just about closer to taking the next step toward almost being done, Scott M. Fulton, IIIW3C, HTML5, Philippe Le Hégaret, WebRTC
The Register
18 June
Microsoft eggheads publish JavaScript crypto code for devs, Richard ChirgwinW3C, HTML5, WebCrypto API
18 June
Le HTML5 bientôt validé par le W3C (HTML5 soon approved by W3C), David FeugeyHTML Working Group, W3C, HTML5
WWW Watch
18 June
HTML5 仕様が最終草案 (Last Call Working Draft) に差し戻し (HTML5 specification returns to Last Call Working Draft), HTML5, W3C
Semantic Web Journal
18 June
The Semantic Web Journal Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Web, Krzysztof JanowiczLinked Data, Semantic Web, RDF, OWL, SPARQL, W3C, #web25
Knight Blog
18 June
The World Wide Web Consortium at 20: Moving the Web toward its ‘full potential’, Tim Berners-LeeW3C, URL, HTTP, HTML5, CSS, WCAG, World Wide Web Foundation, #w3c20
18 June
HTML5 : le W3C devrait finaliser la spécification avant la fin de l’année, Louis AdamHTML5, W3C
The Register
17 June
Sneak peek: Microsoft's next browser (thanks, IE Developer Channel), Neil McAllisterWebDriver, W3C, Gamepad API
Le Monde Économie
17 June
Paris, vitrine de la « French Touch » numérique (Paris, showcasing the digital "French Touch"), Elian PeltierTim Berners-Lee, W3C, #web25
Microsoft Open Technologies
17 June
W3C UPDATE: Putting the Final Polish on HTML 5.0, Paul CottonPhilippe Le Hégaret, W3C, HTML5, Canvas 2D, HTML Working Group
France 24
17 June
Interview: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of World Wide Web, Marjorie PaillonTim Berners-Lee
Redmond Magazine
17 June
HTML5 on Track for W3C Finalization by Year's End, Kurt MackieHTML5, Philippe Le Hégaret, W3C, HTML Working Group
17 June
Tim Berners-Lee: "Oui, le Web est né en France...." (Tim Berners-Lee: "Yes, the Web was born in France ...."), Laurent CalixteTim Berners-Lee, W3C, #web25
16 June
Facebook va ignorer le Do Not Track (Facebook will ignore Do Not Track), Mathieu ChartierW3C, Do Not Track
Informatique News
13 June
Fabien Gandon, Inria : Le Web dans 25 ans, Tim Berners-Lee, #web25
Laboratory Equipment
13 June
Tech Lets You Track Your Data Online , Larry HardestyHTTP, Tim Berners-Lee, W3C, XML, CSS, URI, Semantic Web
The Economist
7 June
Technology Quarterly, Q2 2014: You’re in my browser, WebRTC
5 June
Inria célèbre les 25 ans du Web avec Tim Berners-Lee, Tim Berners-Lee, HTML5, CSS3, #web25
Developer Economics
2 June
Is HTML5 about to make a comeback?, Mark WilcoxHTML5, URL, DOM
2 June
WebRTC pour Firefox : Skype a du souci à se faire ?, Louis AdamWebRTC
Light Reading
2 June
What WebRTC Means for Telcos, Sarah ReedyWebRTC, W3C

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