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Site Point
7 January
Improve Your Website’s Accessibility With WAI-ARIA, Louis LazarisW3C, Accessibility, WAI-ARIA, ARIA, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, WAI, Web Accessibility Initiative
SC Magazine
6 January
Domain encryption deadline? Nah, say 345 gov't sites, Greg MastersHTTPS, World Wide Web Consortium, HTML, HTTP, Style
Business Insider
5 January
Amazon's patent on one-click payments to expire, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Beacon, URI
Government Technology
4 January
More than 300 Federal Gov Websites Fail to Meet Domain Encryption Deadline, HTTPS, World Wide Web Consortium, HTTP, PICS, RDF


Business Wire
22 December
EFTA Issues White Paper Focusing on Benefits, Challenges of Implementing User Authentication in Payments, World Wide Web Consortium, CSS, HTML, URI
Manufacturing Tomorrow
21 December
IEEE Standards Association, AIOTI, oneM2M and W3C Collaborate on Joint White Paper Covering Semantic Interoperability for the Internet of Things (IoT), W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Style, URI
16 December
Web Development predictions for 2017, Tim HooperHTML, Semantic Web
Open PR
15 December
Web Real Time Communication Market - Positive Long-Term Growth Outlook , W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, URL
Daily Mail
15 December
What the internet looked like in 1973: Tiny map shows the ENTIRE network was made up of just 42 computers, STACY LIBERATORW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Tim Berners-Lee, Timothy Berners-Lee, DOM, Open Data, URL
Site Point
15 December
Introducing HTML5, Simon MackieW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Accessibility, WAI-ARIA, ARIA, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, HTML 5, SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics, WAI, WCAG, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Web Storage, Web Workers, WOFF, XHTML, XHTML 2, XML
Korea Times
14 December
Advanced biometric authentication tech developed, Yoon Sung-wonW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, FIDO
11 December
The Origins Of Google Earth, Microsoft, Barcodes, And The World's Most Valuable Company--Apple, Gil Press W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Tim Berners-Lee, HTML
Bleeping Computer
9 December
Chrome 56 to Show Warnings on HTTP Pages with Payment and Password Forms, Catalin CimpanuHTTPS, W3C, CSS, HTTP, URI
Find Biometrics
8 December
FIDO Launches 1.1 Specifications, Cites Progress on Other Fronts, W3C, srcset, URI, URL, XML
Popular Mechanics
5 December
Realite Virtuelle
3 December
WebVR – Une API pour créer du contenu VR sur internet, Bastien LW3C, DOM, ITS, srcset, WebVR


University of Southampton
28 November
Developing software to aid disaster management, World Wide Web Consortium, Accessibility, PROV, WAI
Venture Beat
26 November
HTML5 is the next 0 billion game platform, ALBERT LAIW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, HTML, HTML5, HTML 5, srcset, URI
American Banker
23 November
Will Open Source Drive Blockchain Interoperability?, Tanaya MacheelW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, DOM, HTML, Jeff Jaffe
Information Today
22 November
W3C Releases Report on Virtual Reality, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium
Programmable Web
17 November
W3C Introduces Three APIs for TV Control, Geolocation, and Web Mentions, Eric CarterW3C, Beacon, Geolocation API, HTML, PROV, URL, WebRTC
ID Boox
17 November
Ebooks – Le prochain ePub Summit aura lieu à Bruxelles, ·ELIZABETH SUTTONW3C, ARIA, srcset
16 November
Les trois prochaines transformations du livre numérique, Antoine OuryW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, accessibility, ARIA, Jeffrey Jaffe
16 November
“Le Web est le médium naturel pour la distribution de livres numériques”, Antoine OuryW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, accessibilité, ARIA, CSS, Digital Publishing Interest Group, HTML, Jeffrey Jaffe
15 November
HTML 5.1 Update Available with New Features and Changes, Costea LestocW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, HTML, HTML5, HTML 5, srcset, Style, URI, URL
I Programmer
14 November
//No Comment - TV Control, Geolocation & Webmention APIs, Lucy Black W3C, CSS, DOM, Geolocation API, HTML, URL, XHTML
La Vie Numerique
10 November
Le Web et les livres…, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, ePub
ID Boox
10 November
Ebooks et Web – L’IDPF et le W3C main dans la main, Elizabeth SuttonW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, ePub
Programmable Web
9 November
Are Some W3C Browser APIs Compromising User Privacy?, Janet WagnerW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, privacy, security
Publisher's Weekly
9 November
IDPF Votes to Approve Merger with W3C, Calvin Reid W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, ePub

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