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Global Tech Box
27 March
Episode #59: Interview with Jeff Jaffe, CEO @ W3C, Cédric BollagW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Jeff Jaffe
Security, Privacy & Tech Inquiries
21 March
Battery Status Not Included: Assessing Privacy in W3C Web Standards, Lukasz OlejnikW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Battery Status API
Copyright and Technology
16 March
W3C Permissions and Obligations Working Group Solicits Feedback on Specifications, Bill Rosenblatt W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, URL
Your Story
15 March
At just 16 and 18, these Delhi teens are using tech to make the web accessible to dyslexics and the visually impaired, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Tim Berners-Lee, HTML, WAI
The Marshall Town
9 March
Google Chrome turns to HTML5 for Most Websites, DORA SPENLOW CSS, HTML, HTML5W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, HTTP, URI, URL
IT Business
7 March
Frozen Mountain Announces WebRTC Audio/Video Support for SmartGlasses Android Platform, URI, WebRTC
7 March
Kongregate CEO: HTML5 now the preferred choice for browser-based game devs, Chris KerrBeacon, DOM, HTML, HTML5
The Register
6 March
Sir Tim Berners-Lee refuses to be King Canute, approves DRM as Web standard, Kieren McCarthyW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Tim Berners-Lee, Encrypted Media Extensions, HTML, HTML5, srcset
Ars Technica
6 March
DRM in HTML5 is a victory for the open Web, not a defeat, Peter BrightW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Tim Berners-Lee, Encrypted Media Extensions, HTML, HTML5, Jeff Jaffe
Broadway World
4 March
Flashphoner Releases WebRTC Encoder for YouTube Live and Other Streaming Services, HTML, HTML5, WebRTC
2 March
Building Technical Standards for Credibility, An Xiao MinaW3C, PROV, RIF
IT Web Business
2 March
Prioritising your company's Web accessibility, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, HTML, URI
Business News
2 March
WWW2017 Festival of the WWWeb Perth 2017: Making technology work for you in 2017, Kim HeitmanWorld Wide Web Consortium, HTML
Telecom Reseller
2 March
Behold the Transformative Power of WebRTC!, Beacon, URL, WebRTC
Bloomberg BNA
1 March


Weekly News Digest
28 February
W3C Plans to Standardize the Web of Things, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium
27 February
Le W3C publie des recommandations sur la normalisation des annotations Web, Michael GuillouxW3C, CSS, HTML, HTML 5, HTTP, PNG, RDF, URL, XML
Fine Extra
27 February
How banks are embracing the digital revolution, Edward GrantHTML, WebRTC
Open PR
24 February
Web Real Time Communication Market - Industry Shares, Market Strategies And Key Players, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, URL
24 February
Apple’s WebGPU Standard Proposal—Aiming at Common Access to Explicit Graphics, Anthony Frausto-RobledoW3C, HTML
Publisher's Weekly
24 February
Why the IDPF-W3C Merger is a Good Thing, Laura DawsonW3C, World Wide Web Consortium, CSS, Digital Publishing Interest Group, HTML, Jeff Jaffe, PNG, URI
Tech World
22 February
Stop alienating your website visitors by overlooking web accessibility, Aaron ClukaWorld Wide Web Consortium, Accessibility, srcset, WCAG, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
17 February
Apple Proposes a New 3D Graphics Standard Called WebGPU, Abel Avram W3C, HTML, HTML5, URL
SAT Press Releases
10 February
Global Web-Based Real-Time Communication Market Driven by Increasing Demand for Real-Time Communication, srcset, WebRTC
HTML Goodies
9 February
CSS3 Trends for 2017, Rob GravelleCSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, HTML 5, SVG, URI
Info World
9 February
Apple proposes GPU API for 3D graphics on the web, Paul Krill W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, URI, URL
8 February
Apple reveals its plan to drive the future of 3D graphics on the web, Yoni HeislerW3C, HTML, URL, XML, XMLHttpRequest
Apple Insider
7 February
Apple seeks to position Metal as part of new 3D graphics standard for web, Mikey Campbell W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, URI
Mac Rumors
7 February
Apple's WebKit Team Proposes W3C Community Group to Strive for More Powerful Graphics on the Web, Husain SumraW3C, World Wide Web Consortium
Unified Communications Strategies
3 February
WebRTC Edges Ahead, Phil EdholmW3C, HTML, PNG, Screen Capture, WebRTC
Internet Watch
2 February
EPUB推進団体「IDPF」が「W3C」に統合、今後は「PUBLISHING@W3C」下でEPUBの新仕様やメンテナンスを継続 W3C and IDPF Officially Combine - Publishing@W3C heralds future for how we will read, author, publish, and discover content and services with Web technologies, Tadamori IWASAKIW3C, IDPF, Epub, Digital Publishing, e-books, Jeff, Bill
Programmable Web
2 February
Microsoft Commits to Real-Time Communications with WebRTC 1.0 API Release, Eric CarterW3C, Beacon, HTML, PROV, URL, WebRTC
Business 2 Community
2 February
What Amazon’s 1-Click Patent Expiration Means, Alice Chen W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Web Payments
Gadgets 360
2 February
W3C, IDPF Merge to Make Ebooks Smarter , Sanket Vijayasarathy,W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, CSS, HTML, Style, URL
ID Boox
2 February
books – Le W3C et l’IDPF finalisent leur accord, ELIZABETH SUTTONW3C, ARIA, CSS, HTML, Jeff Jaffe, srcset, SVG, XML
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica
2 February
CWI researcher contributes to new combination of W3C and IDPF in Digital Publishing, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Tim Berners-Lee, Jeff Jaffe, XG
Publisher's Weekly
1 February
W3C and IDPF Officially Combine Organizations, Calvin Reid W3C, Tim Berners-Lee, Jeff Jaffe, PNG, URI
Giornale della Libreria
1 February
ufficiale l'unione fra w3c e idpf (W3C and IDPF Officially Combine), Camilla PelizzoliW3C, IDPF, Tim Berners-Lee, Digital Publishing, Epub, ebook, HTML, CSS, SVG, WCAG
Publishers Weekly
1 February
W3C and IDPF Officially Combine Organizations, Calvin ReidW3C, Tim Berners-Lee, IDPF, Digital Publishing, Epub, ebooks, HTML, CSS
1 February
Your e-books are about to get a big IQ boost, Stephen ShanklandW3C, IDPF, Epub, Digital Publishing, e-books, HTML, CSS
The Bunka News
1 February
ウェブと電子出版の国際団体が統合契約締結 (W3C and IDPF officially combine), W3C, IDPF, Digital Publishing, EPUB, HTML, CSS, SVG, XML
Publishing Perspectives
1 February
W3C’s Jeff Jaffe: With IDPF Onboard, Time for a New ‘Publishing Roadmap’, Porter AndersonW3C, Jeff Jaffe, HTML, CSS, SVG, XML, WCAG, Tim Berners-Lee, Bill McCoy, Digital Publishing Interest Group
1 February
W3CとIDPFが正式統合。Web技術と出版技術を融合する将来に向け、ロードマップ作成に着手 (New Roadmap for Future of Publishing is Underway as W3C and IDPF Officially Combine), Junichi Niinopublishing, HTML, CSS, SVG, XML


Sci/Tech Nation
31 January
WebRTC Market: State of the Market and Top 10 Players, W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, WebRTC

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— Ranking of W3C in Boston Global list of 150 important achievements associated with MIT. MIT is one of the organizations that "hosts" W3C; the others are ERCIM, Keio University, and Beihang University.