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Excite Japan
1 April
W3CがedXと連携し、HTML5のトレーニングコースをオンラインで開講 (W3C Launches First HTML5 Course in new partnership with edX), W3C, edX, HTML5


31 March
Sophia : le W3C lance son premier MOOC sur HTML5 (Sophia : le W3C lance son premier MOOC sur HTML5), Jean-Pierre LargilletW3C, HTML5, W3Cx, Jeff Jaffe, Marie-Claire Forgue, W3DevCampus
15 March
Can the mobile Web win back developers from iOS, Android?, Stephen ShanklandDominique Hazaël-Massieux, W3C, WebRTC, Pointer Events


The Register
13 February
W3C turns BROWSERS into VIBRATORS, Simon SharwoodW3C, Vibration API
CNET Japan
5 February
W3C、Automotive Working Groupを設立--コネクテッドカー向けの新ウェブ標準策定へ (W3C Established an Automotive Working Group -– to a new Web standard formulation for the connected car), Stephen ShanklandW3C, Automotive Working Group
SD Times
5 February
W3C to standardize Web access in connected cars, Rob MarvinW3C, Automotive Working Group, Ian Jacobs, Automotive and Web Platform Business Group, HTML5, WebRTC
4 February
Bilen får gene webstandarder (The car gets its own Web standards), Harald BrombachW3C, Jeff Jaffe, Automotive and Web Platform Business Group, Automotive Working Group
4 February
The Web wants a seat in the car of your future, Stephen ShanklandW3C, Automotive Working Group
3 February
W3C: W3C and Automotive Industry Start New Web Standards Work for Connected Cars, W3C, Jeff Jaffe, Automotive Working Group, Automotive and Web Platform Business Group

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Cover of Boston Globe magazine on MIT 150

— Ranking of W3C in Boston Global list of 150 important achievements associated with MIT. MIT is one of the organizations that "hosts" W3C; the others are ERCIM, Keio University, and Beihang University.