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23 September
The Semantic Web’s Rocking, And There Ain’t No Stopping It Now, Jennifer ZainoSemantic Web, W3C, Data Activity, Phil Archer, Linked Data, OWL, XML, HTTP, JSON-LD, RDF, SPARQL
The Inquirer
22 September
Ubuntu Linux users might be able to stream Netflix soon, Egan OrionHTML5
22 September
Lecteur HTML5 de Netflix et EME : Chrome 38 arrive, Ubuntu se met à la page (Netflix HTML5 player and EME: Chrome 38 arrives, Ubuntu goes up-to-date), David LegrandHTML5, Encrypted Media Extensions, W3C, Media Source Extensions, WebCrypto API
Geeky Gadgets
22 September
Netflix Linux Native Playback Support Arriving Very Soon Via HTML5, Julian HorseyHTML5
Huff Post Tech
19 September
(VIDEO) Opera Sees HTML5 As Cure For Video Fragmentation, Andy Plesser HTML5
19 September
Netflix abandonnera Silverlight et s'invitera sur Linux en natif (Netflix will abandon Silverlight to work natively on Linux), Guillaume BelfioreHTML5, W3C, Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), Media Source Extensions (MSE)
The Washington Post
19 September
World Wide Web inventor slams Internet fast lanes: ‘It’s bribery.’, Brian FungTim Berners-Lee
19 September
Google souhaite un vrai mode déconnecté pour les sites Web (Google wants websites to work more like apps, even offline), Guillaume BelfioreService Workers, W3C
19 September
Google wants websites to work more like apps, even offline, Mariella MoonService Workers, W3C
18 September
「HTML5勧告案」登場、W3C (W3C published HTML5 draft recommendation), 後藤大地W3C, HTML Working Group, HTML5
The Guardian | Technology
18 September
Google and Dropbox launch Simply Secure to improve online security, Dominic RusheSecurity, W3C, Wendy Seltzer
Girokonto Test
16 September
Girokonto Transaktionen dutch die Webcrypto API sicher online durchführen (Perform checking account transactions through the API Webcrypto online), W3C, Web Cryptography API, HTML, CSS, Tim Berners-Lee
16 September
Apple Shows Love for HTML5 with iOS 8, Ross GerbasiHTML5, CSS, SVG, Web Components, DOM, XHR
11 September
Introducing the Screen Orientation API, Aurelio De RosaScreen Orientation API, W3C, HTML
9 September
Already 1 billion websites, and counting, Scott BurnsTim Berners-Lee
ZDNet | 500 words into the future
9 September
Build the future of the web, one standard at a time, Mary BranscombePointer Events, W3C, HTML, CSS, HTML5
8 September
Adobe adds HTML5 support to Primetime DRM , Natalie GagliordiHTML5
8 September
Boosting browsers, Adobe extends its DRM to Web video, Stephen ShanklandHTML5, W3C, Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), Media Source Extensions (MSE)
PayPal Engineering
5 September
Introducing an Accessible HTML5 Video Player, Dennis LembreeHTML5, CSS, accessibility, WebVTT
Ars Technica
2 September
How a new HTML element will make the Web faster, Scott GilbertsonCSS, HTML, W3C, HTML Working Group, W3C Community Groups, Responsive Images Community Group


28 August
W3C Publishes Linked Data Platform Best Practices and Guidelines, Eric FranzonW3C, Linked Data Platform, URI
The Guardian | Technology
24 August
How the web lost its way – and its founding principles , Stuart JeffriesTim Berners-Lee, W3C
Heise online
21 August
"Forum digitale Gesellschaft": Innenminister will Big Data zähmen ("Forum Digital Society": Interior Minister wants to tame Big Data), Martin HollandW3C, Rigo Wenning
ZDNet Japan
21 August
JKとメガネにITをかけて鯖江と解く--「電脳コイル」目指すjig.jp福野社長 (President Fukuno of jig.jp on Joshi Kousei, Dennō Coil, eye glasses and Sabae City), 吉澤亨史 山田竜司W3C, Tim Berners-Lee, HTML5, Semantic Web, Open Data
The Inquirer
21 August
Microsoft, Google and Hookflash establish real-time communications specification, Dave NealW3C, W3C Community Groups, WebRTC, WebRTC Working Group
19 August
Google et Blink tournent le dos au W3C et à Pointer Events de Microsoft (Google Blink and turn their backs to the W3C and Microsoft Point Events), Arsene NewmanW3C, Pointer Events
I Programmer
18 August
Google's Blink Not Implementing W3C Pointer Events , Ian ElliotW3C, Pointer Events
Telematics Wire
12 August
World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) on transforming the automotive experience with HTML5, W3C, HTML5, Automotive and Web Platform Business Group, Tim Berners-Lee, accessibility, CSS
The Register
1 August
Quicker, easier to fly to MOON than change web standards ... OR IS IT?, Scott GilbertsonCSS, HTML, W3C, Web Components, Shadow DOM
geechs magazine
1 August
豪華審査員の独占インタビュー HTML5 Japan Cup 2014 表彰式 (HTML5 Japan Cup 2014 Awards Ceremony Report), HTML5, CSS3, WebRTC, Daniel Davis, W3C, WebSocket, SVG

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