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I began at W3C on 1 September 2000 and departed to become Operations Manager at Zepheira 1 July 2008. At W3C my duties were focused on ensuring system integrity and operability in support of W3C's Team, Collaborator and Invited Expert audiences, as well as the global community of public visitors to the W3C site. The original job posting for this position as viewed through Usenix (SAGE) is still available.

My energies were focused on the continual improvement of support procedures, documentation, and communication methods.

I also managed accounts, backups, MIT-based servers and workstations, CVS repositories, Wikis, and response services to end users with regard to systems and security operations.

I managed the many Public, Member, and Team mailing lists and their attendant archives, as well as the W3C Mailing List and Archive Usage documentation

If you have any questions regarding W3C systems at MIT, please send mail to sysreq@w3.org. They will attempt to answer all questions in a timely fashion.




I have lived in California, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, Japan, Washington, and now Massachusetts. I have been in the United States Military, and have worked as an editor at a Japanese consulting firm. I have also played gigs in the Institute of Human Development, and the Doe (Government Documents) and Bancroft (Mark Twain Project) Libraries at the U.C. Berkeley campus. My last position before coming to the W3C was as System Administrator at Sybase, Inc.

Simon J. Hernandez
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