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In early 1995, I was with the W3C LogoW3 Consortium.
In Cambridge, Mass. I did contribute a tiny little share to the WWW Logo/framedWWW Project. EUnet in Zürich erklärt das Web auf deutsch.

Currently, I am "on the road" again. Somewhere between Cape Cod, New York, or ...

Your getting *here* proves you are an experienced Web surfer, so I don't have to tell you why I think the Web is THE major development to allow _anybody_ access the world's information sources.

Enjoy your browsing !


Developing slowly, spinning in process: You will be able to web an American Hypertext Story, by browsing thru it...

Until now, not much more than the page explaining the term "hyperwebbing" is available.
Please come back again !



My hobbies include:

Recent travelling:


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* More Links * includes a larger Swiss map, a WWW-CyberGuide, Movies and links for friends.

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