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The Jigsaw Label Bureau

Interactive Installation



If you haven't already, install the following software:

  1. Java JDK 1.1
  2. Jigsaw 1.0
  3. PICS Standard Library (Version 1.1.3)


Download the archive; unzip the it into the subdirectory w3c\jigsaw\pics\bureau in the directory of your choice.

The Jigsaw Label Bureau is available from


c:\> md w3c\jigsaw\pics\bureau [enter]

c:\> cd w3c\jigsaw\pics\bureau [enter]

c:\w3c\jigsaw\pics\bureau> pkunzip c:\downloads\ [enter]

(the root directory is c:\ and we downloaded the label bureau archive into c:\downloads  with our browser.


Compile the Java source.


c:\w3c\jigsaw\pics\bureau> javac *.java


Set your CLASSPATH environment variable to point to the root directory of the label bureau installation.

Windows NT: Use the System option of the Control Panel
Windows 95: Edit AUTOEXEC.BAT


Set CLASSPATH to point to c:\

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Run the Jigsaw JigAdmin utility, navigate to the space section; click on Resources, then fill in an appropriate identifier for the label bureau resource (e.g. labels), and enter for the class name.


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Select the new label bureau resource you have just created and configure the label bureau parameters.

Driver Classname: the classname of the JDBC driver that will manage the database.  Leave as shown here to use Sun's driver, which comes with the JDK.
Database URL: the JDBC url to find the database at.  The example uses the JDBC-ODBC bridge; which comes with the JDK.  See the JDBC Docs for more information regarding this setting.
Service Table Name: The name of the database table which will hold information about RAT files.
Unsorted Label Table Name: The name of the database table which will hold information about labels whose RAT files have not been submitted to the label bureau.
Database Username: The username to connect to the database with.
Database Password: The password to connect to the database with.


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Checkpoint Jigedit.  Your label bureau is now serving labels.