W3C Architecture Domain

W3C Technical Symposium: A Comparison of DCOM and CORBA

November 18, 1996

DoubleTree Guest Suites Hotel
400 Soldiers Field Road
Boston, MA 02134

Dan Connolly and Jim Miller, organizers
Susan Hardy, meeting planner
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DCOM Expert: Nat Brown

Lead Program Manager, OLE/COM
Microsoft Corporation

CORBA Expert: Annrai O'Toole

Chief Technical Officer
IONA Technologies

The W3C staff has been studying and tracking the area of distributed objects and mobile code since the formation of the Consortium. Recently, we have been asked once again to consider how the Web technologies (in particular HTTP) and object-oriented distributed systems can share technology. While we are not yet prepared to propose the allocation of major resources to this area, our interest remains high. As part of our own technical education, we feel it is important that the W3C staff move from a general understanding of the field to a detailed knowledge of the technical specifications for two of the important technologies: Microsoft's DCOM and OMG's CORBA.

Toward this end, we have asked an expert in each of these technologies to come to our MIT site and spend an evening and a full day doing a very detailed technical comparison. This will not be an overview, and it will not be about deployment, marketing, or intellectual property rights. It will be strictly about the technical details of the two systems and how they can be brought to bear on the issues facing the web.

Since we expect that many member companies are also interested in this information, we would like to invite appropriate employees of the member companies to join us in this symposium. W3C will provide a location (probably on the MIT campus) and a moderator whose job will be to be certain that the event remains concentrated on the technical comparison of the systems. Our plan is to run the symposium roughly as follows:

Sunday, November 17, 1996 - Dinner with the Experts

AGENDA: Monday, November 18, 1996 - Winthrop Room