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Dr. James S. Miller

Domain Leader, Technology and Society

I've designed and implemented a number of novel and useful real-world systems over more than twenty years, including: a very early source-level debugging system for a high-level language (BDDT, 1972); a concurrent-access data base system (MIT Clearinghouse, 1973); the first full-function electronic mail system (Hermes, 1976); a complete multi-tasking PASCAL system (Jericho Pascal, 1979); the first portable implementation of the programming language Scheme (CScheme, 1983); an early complete programming system for a parallel computer (MultiScheme, 1989); an e-mail mediated group conversation system (MECCA/Systers' data base, 1992); and the first implementation of the Dylan programming language (Thomas, 1993).

My work involves people interacting with computers to perform tasks better than either can do alone. I create systems which allow each partner in the task to understand the other's abilities and limitations, so each can make informed decisions about the division of labor. My work deals with creating simple models of what the computer does and conveying them to the human partners. I draw on my strengths as both a teacher and a computer professional.

I have contributed to the integration of software technologies; programming languages; parallel symbolic processing; human--computer interaction; computer security, privacy, and societal issues.