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This resource handles image map requests. It wraps a file that contains the description of the map, in either the W3C (CERN) format or the NCSA format .

In addition to the standard keywords, this resource always accepts the extra keyword "nosearch", which specifies a URL to redirect to in case the request doesn't contain a coordinate pair as a query. The format of this keyword, in either of the two formats, is "nosearch <URL>". The motivation of this option is to support text-only browsers.

A good way to use it is to associate the extension "map" to this resource in the extensions database. Once that is done, if a client requests, say, "http://.../menu.map?2,3", the MapFileResource will try to match the coordinates in the query (in this case, (2,3)) against each of the regions defined in the map, and redirect the client to the appropriate URL.


The MapResource class inherits from the following classes:

Attributes description

The MapFileResource defines the following attribute:

If this attribute is set to true, map specification files will be interpreted in the NCSA format. Otherwise, they will be interpreted in the W3C (CERN) format.
This attribute is an editable BooleanAttribute
default value
This attribute defaults to false.

Antonio Ramírez
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