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The basic resource to serve files. This resource allows you to export files, and can be configured to handle the HTTP PUT method.


The FileResource class inherits from the following classes:

Attributes description

The FileResource defines the following attributes:

The optional name of the file to be served by the file resource. By default, the file resource will serve the file's having the resource's name. You can define this attribute in order to change the URL to file mapping. E.g. you can serve the file foo.html through the name oof.html, by setting the foo.html filename attribute to off.html.
This attribute is a editable FilenameAttribute.
default value
This attribute is undefined by default.

Should the file resource support PUT requets ? When this flag is true, the file resource object will handle appropriately the HTTP PUT method, by overriding the resource's file with the new content. The old content will be saved using the emacs convention (the ~ files). Care should be taken when turning this feature on: you probably want to use some authentication filter to ensure that only authors are allowed to change resources.
The attribute is an editable BooleanAttribute.
default value
This attribute defaults to false.

The time at which the file resource checked that it was in sync with the underlying file.
This attribute is a computed, not editable DateAttribute.
default value
This attribite defaults to -1 (which means its undefined).

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