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The extensions editor is a form-based editor that allows you to edit the resource indexer's extensions database. This database is used to determine what resource should be used to export a file. Each extension is described by its name (e.g. html or htm, etc.), and the (optional) class of the resource to be instanciated to export a file having this extension. A typical example is to declare that files having the html extension should be wrapped into a w3c.jigsaw.resources.FileResource instance, having the default content-type text/html.

When no class is provided, the extension declaration can still be used to provide default attribute values. For example, you may want to state that files having the gz extension, have been encoded using gzip. To do so, just add a new extension, without providing a class, and set the default value for content-encoding to x-gzip.

See also the resource indexer documentation to learn more about how Jigsaw creates the resource instances, and when it does it.


The ExtensionsEditor class inherits from the following classes:

Attributes description

The ExtensionsEditor resource doesn't define any attribute.

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