ITS 2.0 Disposition of Third Last Call Comments

Version: 2013-09-06


This document outlines the way in which the MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group addressed the comments submitted during the ITS 2.0 Third Last Call period, starting 2013-08-20 and ending 2013-09-10.

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Total number of comments: 2.

Duplicates: 0.

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Issues list

Issue First recorded Resolution
("accepted" or "rejected")
Commenter feedback
("satisfied" or "unsatisfied")
Change type
("editorial" or "substantive" or "none")
Decision details
issue-131: URI scheme used in NIF conversion 2013-08-28 accepted satisfied (mail) editorial we adopted the proposal of the RDF WG to replace fragment identifiers #xpath and #char with query parameters.
issue-132: Clarifications in "8.16 Localization Quality Issue" and appendix "C Values for the Localization Quality Issue Type" 2013-08-28 accepted satisfied (mail) editorial we accepted the clarifications of the "localization quality issue" data category proposed by the reviewer. The implementers verified that this does not influence their implementation experience.