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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-3 (edit) open collect all examples from BP and put them into testsuite Yves Savourel 2007-10-17
ACTION-55 (edit) open Send comments on XLIFF Yves Savourel 2008-01-16
ACTION-67 (edit) open Look at "The XMLHttpRequest Object" and see if there is a need for ITS in it Yves Savourel 2008-04-24
ACTION-68 (edit) open Send a mail about call times / days Yves Savourel 2008-04-24
ACTION-73 (edit) open Post java code to the list Yves Savourel 2008-07-01
ACTION-76 (edit) open Look into SSML 1.1 Jirka Kosek 2008-07-01
ACTION-77 (edit) open Look at uiml (oasis), Yves Savourel 2008-07-29
ACTION-78 (edit) open Create wiki page for ooxml Yves Savourel 2008-07-29
ACTION-79 (edit) open Look at SKOS LC draft Yves Savourel 2008-09-09
ACTION-81 (edit) open Add a link to the rules repositoriy to the BP document and the test suite Yves Savourel 2008-09-09
ACTION-82 (edit) open Look at SML Yves Savourel 2008-09-30
ACTION-85 (edit) open Edit the rules for OOXML Jirka Kosek 2008-11-04
ACTION-86 (edit) open Draft the proposal for loacl rule for wiithinText Yves Savourel 2008-11-04
ACTION-87 (edit) open Look at WebCGM 2.1 - pending Felix Sasaki 2008-12-30
ACTION-88 (edit) open Review widget spec Felix Sasaki 2008-12-30
ACTION-89 (edit) open Look at OWL Felix Sasaki 2008-12-30
ACTION-90 (edit) open Call Kara Warburton asking for the latest ISO draft Yves Savourel 2008-12-30
ACTION-92 (edit) open Start cleaning up the wiki Yves Savourel 2008-12-30
ACTION-93 (edit) open Review TBX Christian Lieske 2009-02-03
ACTION-94 (edit) open Clean up the home page for resource access Yves Savourel 2009-03-31
ACTION-95 (edit) open And Yves to continue ITS in HTML discussion Felix Sasaki 2009-05-05
ACTION-96 (edit) open Look at rdf:text Yves Savourel 2009-05-05
ACTION-97 (edit) open And Felix to continue discussion with HTML5, XHTML2 for ITS Yves Savourel 2009-06-02
ACTION-98 (edit) open Create and register a MIME type for ITS Felix Sasaki 2009-06-02
ACTION-99 (edit) open Fill in the mime type registration form Felix Sasaki 2009-06-30
ACTION-100 (edit) open Talk to Bryan and point him to Yves Savourel 2009-06-30

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