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Face-to-Face Meeting February 2006 - Logistics

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The February 2006 Face-to-Face meeting of the ITS Working Group has been scheduled for February 27th and 28th, in Mandelieu France.
This meeting will be part of the W3C Technical Plenary Week.

Date and time

Monday, 27th, and Tuesday, 28th February, 2006 (2 full days).

8:30am - 17:30pm. All rooms will be available from 8am to 6pm, with registration open at 8am, coffee break available 10-11am and 3-4pm and lunch break from noon to 2pm.


Bring ITS tagset draft closer to Last Call, and techniques document closer to first publication. We have no more detailed objectives, since we will have the meeting without many working group members.

Monday 27 Feb Agenda

1. General ITS tagset approach. Purpose: I will provide a short overview of the ITS tagset draft. We then will estimate what is missing / what is too much. Attention: We will *not* discuss readability issues of the specification. For this purpose, we have installed recently the editor's call, which takes place every Friday, if requested by working group members.8:30
2.Coffee Break10:00
3. Data category: Ruby (belongs to tagset draft). Purpose: Decide how we should integrate this into the Last Call working draft.10:30
4. Lunch12:00
5. Language / locale identification (belongs to techniques document, possibly also useful for tagset draft). Purpose: Discuss what is currently in the techniques draft (or the wiki respectively).14:00
6. Coffee Break15:30
7. Data category: Term identification (belongs to tagset draft). Purpose: Decide if we want this in its simple version in the working draft, and what else it should be.16:00
8. Adjourn17:30

Tuesday 28 Feb Agenda

1. Implementation discussion / test suite development. Basis material: Implementation in XSLT from Sebastian, Implementation in XQuery from Felix, Test Suite Design from Yves, Tests for DocBook from Yves. Implementation explanation will be provided mainly by Sebastian and me. Purpose: get feedback about the current state of the implementations, and what tests a test suite should encompass. Output should be a general outline for test suites.8:30
2.Coffee Break10:00
3. Current status of techniques document. Everybody who participates in the f2f should read the techniques document wiki pages. Purpose: give feedback to Yves and Diane.10:30
4. Lunch12:00
5. Going through issue on the tagset working draft. Purpose: Gather feedback on importance of the issues. Ouput of this session should be a priority list.14:00
6. Coffee Break15:30
7. Conference call with working group members who are not at the meeting. Goal: Summary of the meeting results. We need to fix the dates for last call f2f (around May-June) during the call!16:00
8. Adjourn17:30


The meeting will take place at the Royal Hotel Casino, Mandelieu, France.
605 avenue du Général de Gaulle
06210 Mandelieu la Napoule
Tel : +33 (0)4 92 97 70 00
Fax: +33 (0)4 93 49 51 50

According to the Room Allocation page, we will meet in room 136.

Directions and Travel Information

Please have a look at the Technical Plenary Week page.


In addition to the Royal Hotel Casino, there are various alternate hotels.

Attending the meeting

The meeting is open to members of the ITS Working Group, as well as those participating in the W3C I18N Working or Interest Groups.

If you plan to attend the meeting, you should contact Yves Savourel and Felix Sasaki.


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