Web Internationalization & Multilinguism Symposium
Sevilla, 20-22 November 1996

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Domain rapporteur: Bert Bos

This domain covers the current state of web software, servers and sites, and the issues of deployment: for example, how to encourage authors to use, servers to support, and browsers to interpret internationalization features, since the willingness of each of them depends on how widespread the technology is in the other communities.

Expected talks and break-out sessions


  Friday 22 Nov 1996
9.00 Deployment overview - Bert Bos
9.20 International features in Microsoft Internet Explorer - Chris Wendt
9.40 The Tango browser - François Yergeau
10.00 Netscape internationalization - Erik van der Poel
10.20 LISA Web SIG, preview of results - TBD
10.50 coffee break    
11.10 The DynaWeb server - Gavin Nicol
11.30 The Web server Apache - Dirk van Gulik
11.50 break-out: setting up Apache - Dirk van Gulik break-out: TBD Panel discussion
12.30 Conclusion
12.40 end of session

Last updated 14 November 1996.
Bert Bos