ACTION-2590: Ensure javadocs get published when 1.1F2 is published

Ensure javadocs get published when 1.1F2 is published

Cameron McCormack
Due on:
June 9, 2009
Created on:
June 2, 2009
Associated Product:
SVG Full 1.1
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Related notes:

From heycam:

This refers to the javadocs for the SVG 1.1 DOM, just like
There's no need to hold up 1.1SE for it, we can publish those in w3c datespace later.

Erik Dahlström, 26 Apr 2010, 11:01:38


Created action 'Ensure javadocs get published when 1.1F2 is published' assigned to Cameron McCormack, due 2009-06-09

2 Jun 2009, 07:25:42

Action now bound to Product 'SVG Full 1.1'

Cameron McCormack, 10 Jun 2009, 05:21:25

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