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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-2022 (edit)
PENDING REVIEW The activation behaviour of <a> elements should be defined 2008-07-25 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2026 (edit)
Animate Class
PENDING REVIEW Need Test Ensuring that 'class' is Animatable 2008-08-07 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1 0
ISSUE-2095 (edit)
soft-light blend mode
PENDING REVIEW Algorithm for soft-light blend mode 2008-10-08 Module: Compositing 0
ISSUE-2199 (edit)
PENDING REVIEW Underlying transform value erratum now conflicts with 1.2T 2009-01-08 SVG Full 1.1 0
ISSUE-2317 (edit)
feGaussianBlur stdDeviation=0
PENDING REVIEW Give different result for feGaussianBlur stdDeviation=0 2010-04-02 SVG Full 1.1 0
ISSUE-2337 (edit) PENDING REVIEW Last Call Comment: marker direction handling 2010-06-28 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0

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