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Electronic Commerce Interest Group Meeting

Thursday 8 January 1998
8:30am to 17:30pm
Seattle, Washington, USA

Business to Business needs

EDI and beyond

An infrastructure for machine-readable business to business communication

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The Electronic Commerce Interest Group is a forum designed to allow the members to share information with the Consortium staff and other members about:

While W3C's work with JEPI (closed) and the Platform for Privacy Preferences Project [P3P] has focused strongly on consumer business, it is now time to look at business-to-business [B2B] needs. From the B2B point of view, "Electronic Commerce" is not really new: among others, EDI has been around for about ten years with varying success. In the recent past, two groups have started to transfer EDI to the web, based on the recent proposed W3C recommendation XML. This can be a very important contribution to electronic commerce on the web leverage existing experience on the web. The two groups will present their work at the meeting.

Apart from that, there are already approaches to develop technologies that leverage the specific strengths of the web for new ways to do business online. From the big choice of developments, two have been picked to demonstrate what is possible.

Meeting Proposal


8:30 Registration and Opening with coffee and pastries
9:00 Introduction Josef Dietl, W3C
EDI on the web
9:30 The independent XML/EDI group 
10:10 XML/EDI at commerce.net
10:50 coffee break
Beyond EDI
11:10 BSI/Beacon - Ken Steel
11:50 MEMO
Interest Group Work
12:30 Other Member Presentations and Open Floor
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Discussion of Interest Group Issues: 
Focus, Future and Scheduling
14:30  Open Questions: Three Groups rotating on three questions
Member Discussion
16:00 Coffee Break
16:20 Discussion Period and Summary
17:30 Adjourn

Background Reading Materials

RDF Working Group
PICS NG Working Group
First draft of the Resource Description Framework Model and Syntax specification (members only)
The independent XML/EDI group
XML/EDI at commerce.net

What is the electronic commerce interest group? See the Electronic Commerce Interest Group Briefing Package for details (members only - the Electronic Commerce Interest Group Home Page is open to the public)

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