ISSUE-389: Embedded graphics don't fully meet requirement

Embedded graphics requirement

Embedded graphics don't fully meet requirement

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Nigel Megitt
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Requirement R217 - Embedded Graphics is:

> The TT AF shall be capable of expressing block and inline, embedded graphics of both bitmap and vector or outline formats.
> If block or inline graphics are used for the purpose of expressing pre-rasterized text in a bitmap format, then the original text that produced such a pre-rasterized form shall also be required to be present in TT AF content.

The current draft of TTML2 does not enforce the second part of the requirement, and permits that original text be omitted from the TTML content.

R218 - Non-Embedded Graphics likewise has the same sub-requirement.
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Related notes:

This latter requirement may be satisfied by means of a content feature designator. After all, it is a requirement on content, and not on the processor.

Glenn Adams, 5 Jun 2015, 15:08:14

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