July 23, 1997

Briefing Package
For Workshop on Push Technology

1. Scope of the Workshop

Push technology has gained a lot of attention over the last year. W3C has received requests by members to get more involved, both in the form of comments at the advisory council meeting in January '97, and in the form of submissions of technology related to push.

The purpose of the W3C push workshop is gathering representatives of major organisations affected by push technology. This includes vendors of push technology, network technology providers, content providers and end user organisations. The goal is to collectively advise W3C which further actions (working groups, recommendations) it should take with regard to push technology.

Push technology has advantages for both end users and content providers.  For end users, it significantly improves the response time of accessing Web content. For content providers, it allows targeting their audience in a more direct way, resulting in a cleaner business model.

Nevertheless, there are issues blocking a more wide-spread acceptance of push technology in both communities.

Content providers are forced to prepare their content several times. This is because there are a number of push technologies on the Web today, all of which employ completely different formats for describing the content transmitted via push. A single, interoperable format could significantly increase the success of push technology.

End users struggle with the fact that several organisations have decided to discontinue the use of push technology on their network. This is because of the high network bandwidth required by some of the push distribution protocols. Improved and interoperable network protocols may help to alleviate this roadblock to success for push technology.

Thus, particular topics to be discussed at this workshop include, but are not limited to:

As an accompanying measure for preparing discussions at the workshop, a public mailing list for discussion of push technology is created. To subscribe, send mail to www-push-request@w3.org and put the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

The workshop is "convened to address the pressing concerns of W3C Members" (PROCESS-Draft10-970604, section 3.4.1), and follows the rules for this type of workshop, i.e. papers are not solicited.

2. List of Deliverables

3. Call For Participation

World Wide Web Consortium
Workshop on
"Push Technology"

September 8-9, 1997
Boston - USA


There will be a limit of 70 participants. There is no registration fee.

The number of participants per W3C member organization is initially limited to two. However, starting August 20, resting free places will be distributed on a first-come/first-served basis, so register early.

The workshop is open to invited employees of organisations that are not W3C members. Employees of W3C member organisations are encouraged to propose persons that could be invited. Formal invitation of experts will be made by the workshop chair.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please fill out the registration form before August 19. Registration is required !

Workshop participants are not required to make a presentation.

If you are interested in doing a presentation, you should submit a short abstract describing your presentation to push-submit@w3.org. The abstracts serve only to organize presentations into sessions with related topics. They are not formally reviewed.

The length of the abstract should be at least half a page, and not more than one page. Most importantly, the abstract should state clearly your potential contribution to/idea on push technology. The abstracts must be sent via e-mail. Allowed formats for e-mail submissions are a URL to the abstract, HTML and ASCII.

All abstracts will be included on the workshop website on August 19. Speaker slides will be added later. Both abstracts and slides will also appear in the printed participants' notes. Note: The website will be available to the general public, so abstracts and slides must be available for public dissemination.


Today: Send a message to push-ws-register@w3.org stating

THIS DOES NOT REPLACE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION ! For official registration, please use the registration form.

Deadline for Abstracts: Thursday, August 7, 1997 (1/2 to 1 page)

Hotel Discount Rate Available until : Friday, August 15, 1997, 5:00 pm EDT

Program available: Tuesday, August 19, 1997

Deadline for normal registration: Tuesday, August 19, 1997

Free places distributed starting from: Tuesday, August 20, 1997

Speaker slides due: Thursday, August 28, 1997

Final deadline for registration: Thursday, August 28, 1997. Unfortunately, for logistics reasons, we cannot accept registrations after this date.

Workshop: Monday, September 8 1997 and Tuesday, September 9 1997


Workshop Technical Chair:

Philipp Hoschka, hoschka@w3.org

Fax: +33 (0)4 93 65 77 65

World Wide Web Consortium
INRIA Sophia Antipolis
2004 route des Lucioles, BP-93
06902 Sophia Antipolis, Cedex

Workshop Organization Chair:

Susan Hardy, hardy@w3.org

Tel: +1-617-253-2613
Fax: +1-617-258-5999

World Wide Web Consortium
MIT/Laboratory for Computer Science
545 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139, U.S.A.

Workshop Webmaster:

Stephan Montigaud, stephan@w3.org

Tel: +1-617-258-5967
Fax: +1-617-258-5999

World Wide Web Consortium
MIT/Laboratory for Computer Science
545 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139, U.S.A.


Boston Marriott Peabody

8A Centennial Drive
Peabody, Massachusetts 01960
Telephone: +1-508-977-9700
Fax: +1-508-977-0297

Discount Rate Available until August 15, 1997, 5:00 pm EDT: $139.00 (+ 9.7% tax per night)

Discount Code: MIT/W3C Push Workshop

Note: After August 15, 1997, hotel rooms will be sold at a higher rate on a space available basis. September is peak season in the Boston area, so be sure to reserve your room on or before the deadline stated.

Getting There

From Logan Airport (http://www.massport.com/logan/logan.html)

Take Route 93 North to Route 95 North to 128 North. Exit 28-Centennial Drive. The Marriott will be on the right. The hotel is approximately 15 miles north of Logan Airport. It should take about 30 minutes to reach the hotel from the airport during normal traffic conditions.

Local Transportation Services to and from Logan Airport

Granada Transportation
Policy: 24 hour advance notice
Shuttle: $20.00

Local from Logan Airport

R & A Shuttle
Policy: 24 hour advance notice
Shuttle: $30.50

Northshore Shuttle Service
Policy: 24 hour advance notice
Shuttle: $30.00

Resource Statement

W3C Resource Commitment

Over the period of six weeks, this activity will consume 10% of the time of one W3C staff member for chairing the workshop, 10% of the time of one W3C staff member to handle local organization, and 5% of the time of one W3C staff member for managing the workshop website. This is not part of a running W3C activity, but is organized under W3C's mandate to track and prepare possible activities in the Architecture domain.

Philipp Hoschka