Heading elements

HTML provides 6 levels of headings: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6. These should be used to mark headings according to their relative importance, with h1 being the most important. Headings are block elements, and can only be created as children of elements that have block-type content. Note that for tables of data there are special elements to mark headings.

The first three levels of heading can be created from the toolbar using the heading images H1 button , H2 button , H3 button . All levels of heading can be created from the Insert menu, or using keyboard shortcuts. The default keyboard shortcuts are Ctrl h Ctrl 1 for h1, Ctrl h Ctrl 2 for h2, and so on to Ctrl h Ctrl 6  for h6.

There are default styles for headings in most browsers to give some idea of their relative importance, but the author can also use style sheets to provide a suggested presentation.