HTML document structure

HTML documents are fairly flat in structure - rather than having sections that contain subsections, division of text is usually marked by different level heading elements which are alongside paragraph and other block elements.

There is the div element which is provided to group together a section into a single division - to use it select the section (including its heading) you want to form part of the group and then select the option Division (div) from the Insert menu (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl h Ctrl v).

There is a special structure in HTML - the link, which makes the Web a web. Further information about how to create links, and how to create tables, is provided in the user manual section of the documentation.

A normal HTML page should include a title, a level one heading, and an address or some information about the author. It may also include paragraphs, lists, images, tables, and content organised into subsections with different levels of headings.