List elements

There are three types of list in HTML. The two simple types are ordered and unordered lists, and there is also a definition list. Lists are block-type structures, but they can be created within other lists.


Definition list
This is a definition list - it has definition terms (dt) and definitions (dd) as children.
One definition term can be followed by a number of deifintiions.
Ordered lists
There are three types of list
  1. Ordered Lists (ol)
  2. Unordered Lists (ul)
  3. Definition lists (dl)
Unordered Lists
Unordered lists and ordered lists share some characteristics:
  • Simple lists
  • Both types have children which are list items (li elements)

The three types of list can all be created from the toolbar using the list buttons Bulleted List, Numbered List, Definition List. All types of list can be created from the Insert menu, or using keyboard shortcuts. The default keyboard shortcuts for unix systems are Ctrl h Ctrl l for an ordered list, Ctrl h Ctrl n for an unordered list, and Ctrl h Ctrl d for a definition list.

Style sheets can be used to change the presentation of lists, including changing the style of list bullets or using an image as a bullet, and changing the style of text, for example using a different font for definition terms and the actual definitions.