Fourth Web Payments Working Group Patent Advisory Group (PAG)

This PAG has completed its work and published a report with a recommendation that the Web Payments Working Group continue to work on Payment Request API.


Per the W3C Patent Policy:

In the event a patent has been disclosed that may be essential, but is not available under W3C RF licensing requirements, a Patent Advisory Group (PAG) will be launched to resolve the conflict.

On 4 February 2021 W3C launched this PAG in response to disclosures by Tom Jones, in accordance with W3C procedures for launching and operating a PAG.

Questions? Please contact Wendy Seltzer.

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PAG Operations

At its 17 February 2021 call, PAG participants resolved that individual meeting records would be Member-only and the final PAG report public. The W3C staff updated the PAG's charter in place based on this resolution.

Disclosures and Claims Not Made Available Under W3C RF Terms

Payment Request API

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